Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 3.15.20 PMWe humans are in a constant state of sexual confusion. Sex is mutual gratification, we all love it, man or woman, straight or gay, exhibitionist or fetishist, interracial or masturbation; but are shamed into thinking of it as dirty and something that should be done in the dark and in private. Of course we can’t do it all the time yet it’s always on our minds. As a child, before I even knew there was sex, I was obsessed by it. Only now, decades later, am I beginning to see how it motivated my life’s direction.  Repression of sex leads to neurosis. I should know, by the time I left high school I was a neurotic mess. My path to clear my mind was never planned, things just happened. From MIT to the brothels of Amsterdam, even to my vocabulary tapes and Golf book, sex was paramount. (Golf is a seniors poor way of trying to replace sex…ha ha.)  Few have taken the extreme steps I did to remove the albatross of sexual fear from their necks so inviting you to follow me through the mysterious sexual universe will surely open your eyes. You’re guaranteed to be surprised. Enjoy.