Take Your Shame

and Shove It

In the 40’s I was taught in Sunday school that our naked bodies were shameful. This was truth accepted without challenge among men and women.

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Howard Ziehm

How did a child raised with stern Midwestern Christian values as a seventh grader was shocked to hear that boys put their “things” into girls to make babies grow up to be a legendary porn pioneer? This Howard Ziehm’s ribald story told with brazen honesty.

A story that found him leaving high school in Monterey, California haunted by sleep walking nightmares to attend MIT only to drop out after 3 years to join the free love pot smoking movement in Berkeley.

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Loved That Talking Monster

Back in the 1970’s my parents came back from the theater and described this ridiculous movie they saw called Flesh Gordon. I have wanted to see it ever since and am glad I finally did. It is a lighthearted and raunchy spoof of the Flash Gordon series. Like many movies from the seventies, it lacks graphic violence but is chock full of nudity. Today’s films are the opposite. The part I found the most funny was the talking monster near the end. I don’t know why, but the voice and speech pattern is just so unexpected it tickled my funnybone.

A Reviewer

A guilty pleasure restored to it's full absurdity!!

I first saw this movie on rental VHS, way back in 1982, in uncut form, and enjoyed the erotic absurdity of this comic-strip style film.
It is so bad that it’s brilliant, with very funny action scenes and erotic moments which makes this movie worthwhile, even unforgettable phrases from Emperor Wang the Perverted!!
I am so pleased that the cuts were restored,
this movie is how it is meant to be seen,
and not to be confused with “Flash Gordon”, the Sam Jones version!!
Five stars are not enough to rate this…

Steve B.

Amazon Customer

Hilarious Porn.

I remember going to the midnight matinee movies, where they showed cheap campy X rated adult movies. This was back in the 70’s. One of the funniest adult movies I remember seeing was FLESH GORDON.

Flesh Gordon is a spoof of the original 1936 B&W theater Flash Gordon serial shows with Buster Crabbe as Flash. Then later in 1980 made into a color movie with Sam Jones in the lead roll. At the same time, it is also a spoof of those campy X rated movies. It’s a sex comedy spoof of a serious spoof of 1936 sci-fi. The scripts are cheap and campy, and the special effects are just as cheap and campy. But the story is clever enough to be hilarious. And of course the ton of nudity is worth watching.

I am surprised that this BluRay release is unrated. The original theater version was rated X for a few explicit sex orgy scenes. And from what I see, my new BluRay copy has not been cut or missing anything. It still has the explicit sex orgy scenes and nothing is hidden or blocked out. Yes you clearly see naughty parts connecting and…….. It is all there. I am not a prude so I don’t care. I think the film is hilarious. But just be aware that it is all there if you purchase it.

Do not expect much in the quality of this movie. This film was originally shot on 16mm color, then blown up to 35mm for the theaters. I guess they had little to no budget to make the movie. So the video is a bit grainy but very watchable. Color is pretty good. You get so wrapped up in the stupidity that you don’t think about the quality. The BluRay audio is in DTS HDMA (believe it or not), but only 1.0 mono. It actually sounds pretty good.

If you remember this flick from your youth like I do, or if you are young and enjoy classic campy fun sex comedy, you won’t be sorry you bought this sex cult classic. It is worth the money.

L.G. Pioneer

Amazon Customer

Even if you hate smutty movies...

…you should definitely watch Flesh Gordon. The film is ostensibly a sex- and innuendo-loaded parody of the FLASH Gordon movies I remember watching on Channel 52 back in the 1970s when I was a kid, and of course I knew they were from another era, the Depression. The makers of “Flesh Gordon” were very successful at tongue-in-cheek humor with this film.

I will state for the record that I find the average dirty movie to be boring as hell… however, this movie did not bore me, but rather, it made me laugh! I guess it just has to do with the way the actors all maintain deadpan seriousness, as they blurt out the most hilariously farcical dirty jokes.

When I was a kid, my mother had an uncle who always used to go see this film whenever some art-house theater in downtown Los Angeles would show it… and the rest of the family would know, because every time after he watched it, he’d always barge in on the rest of us, and rattle off about how he went to see “Flesh Gordon” and oh, it was always so funny. That old guy must have seen the film thirty times… after having laughed myself silly from just watching it once, I can finally understand why!

Zed Reyland

Amazon Customer

"It was my mother's. She was buried in it."

I was dragged to a drive-in on October 22 1976 to see this movie. I wasn’t told what it was about so I had absolutely no expectations. I thought it was hilarious from the get-go. Finding it on DVD, after all these years, is providence. Now I have my own copy that I can watch anytime I want.
Trying to explain its appeal may prove difficult. It is a vulgar spoof fraught with smutty innuendo and bad jokes that work because they are so bad. It’s packed with male and female nudity that more often than not makes perfect sense in the scheme of things. Most of the action takes place on the planet Porno Mongo and involves rapist-robots and Penisaurus creatures, among many other odd sight gags and utter nonsense.

It’s inspired lunacy.


Amazon Customer

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In the 40’s I was taught in Sunday school that our naked bodies were shameful. This was truth accepted without challenge among men and women. It said so in the Bible. You might think, TAKE YOUR SHAME AND SHOVE IT, is all about sex but might be surprised to learn that it is actually about erasing the debilitating fear of sex that was hard wired into my brain.

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