I love being teased

Thanks to what Richard Rodriquez labels “the desert gods of Abram” much of the world considers nudity a sin. Religions who worship these gods even go so far as to cover their women in black bags. One of the first things European explorers did when they encountered a heretofore unknown people, was to force them to hide their genitals and breasts. That this in many cases led to disease was not a consideration.

In a french film “Quest for Fire” directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud about a story set in paleolithic times, a scene of a couple having sex in the open is looked at with disinterest by other nearby tribe members, but when the protagonist encounters a “more” civilized tribe during his quest to find some fire to take back to reignite the fire his tribe lost during a storm, he discovers all the villagers are gathered at the base of a tent trying to get a peek of a couple having sex in private.

Thanks to religion and its condemnation of sex and nudity, people like me are able to make a good living selling peeks. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love being teased but secrecy and repression has led to the idea that the male owns the female and rape and demand for sex are his right. In their mind the woman has no right to determine if she wants a child. Grow up “Little Man.” The world would be a boring place without women.



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