Howard Ziehm’s Shame Busters

We humans face a perfect storm of sexual contradiction. On the one hand we love sex, straight or gay, exhibitionism or fetishism. Of course we can’t do it all the time. The deleterious results of over population are already a threat. But forced repression leads to neurotic and sometimes sick and evil behavior. Thanks to Margret Sanger, the pill allows for unrequited sex but nature’s diseases can make that dangerous and worse are religions use of shame as a way of repressing sex. Physical barbarisms like burkas and genital mutilation are psychotic. But the human spirit is too powerful to succumb to these barbaric methods forever. That is why my memoir is called #Take Your Shame and Shove It. It is about how I had to overcome shame before I could enjoy sex. I invite all who were intimidated by religion and puritanical morals to share their stories. I can imagine that everyone has one. Just for starters this blog welcomes, strippers, prostitutes, johns, gays, transsexuals, masturbators, fetishists and porn stars and anyone made impotent by shame. Lets make it clear to the world that we are not a minority, just a majority who has been shamed into silence. Give us your thoughts and stories on SHAME BUSTERS

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