Censored by Facebook

I can’t say enough to express my surprise when a Facebook comment I made was rejected for being obscene. The obscenity was the word “bullshit.” I have heard that word used countless times in movies and television, in fact, later that night I heard comedian Samantha Bee use it on her show.

My use of the word was a colloquial way of saying I didn’t agree with the opinion being expressed, I thought it was dishonest and misleading. This is the kind of censorship Lenny Bruce faced when he might have said this is “fucking crazy” or what the “fuck is going on” during his act. Police would rush in and hall him off to jail for using the word “fuck.” It mattered not in what context.

That I am very sensitive to this type of censorship will become clear when I tell you that the LA Times ruined the release of my movie FLESH GORDON MEETS THE COSMIC CHEERLEADERS in 1993 when they refused to allow me to advertise the film with a display ad or useĀ the word “FLESH” in the theatre listing. Our entire advertising campaign in the LA Times for a 1.5 million dollar production was the word “gordon” printed in 8 point type.

Is FACEBOOK taking us back to those days? I hope not!

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