Defending Roger Ailes…sort of

I’m not a fan of Fox News or Roger Ailes, but I can’t help but laugh about all the brouhaha over his asking Gretchen Carlson to turn around so he could see her back. Everyone knows he didn’t give a rat’s ass about her back, he wanted to see her ass. Why?

Because a nice shapely ass is a visual message to a human male that the an incubator with copious eggs lies behind; just begging to be fertilized, just like the whiff the hormones from a bitch in heat attracts a male dog. Every male who watches the show yearns to see her ass and even better would be a peek up her tight mini dress. It’s pornography “right-wing” style. Females so pleasantly endowed, like Gretchen, are happy to get the attention and  can often be seen reaching behind to innocuously feel their shapely booty to ensure themselves that it’s still there and looking good. As one who made hundreds of porn movies, “I know a thing or two.” Women are well aware of the effect the sight of their shapely behinds has on nearby males. God bless them even though I don’t believe in “god.”

What Ailes, who is an ignorant bore, couldn’t fathom is that the female doesn’t want her eggs fertilized by every Tom, Dick and Harry, especially ones who think they are deserving of that privilege just because they have money or the prospect of a job to offer.

I could go on about the hypocrisy of his right-wing religious politics but I think I’ve said enough. Let the old fat asshole rest in peace.

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