What does “crooked” mean?

theSeeing all the smiles and tears of joy from the women at the Democratic convention reflected how they were feeling about having the foot of shame and guilt lifted off of their backs, a foot that they were probably unaware had been placed upon them thousands of years ago. Over that time they were convinced that they were responsible for sin and evil as well as, weak and less than intelligent than males and for their own good best to remain quiet and subservient to men. That foot belonged to religions which used the fear of a vengeful god to tell them they had nothing to contribute to society other than serving their male masters and making babies.on a daily basis, that is being proven wrong in every human endeavor from science, sports and politics.  Women have broken free many times before, but until now, never to this degree in the USA . Only the election stands in the way of putting a cherry on top of the cake.

Hillary’s opponent, Donald Trump, likes to call her “crooked Hillary.”  His followers shout with glee “crooked Hillary”  as though it was a trait sui generis to her. What does “crooked” mean? Is there any human being who is not crooked to some degree? I know I have done many crooked things as has my wife, mother and every friend I know. It’s human nature. Banks do crooked things, companies do crooked things, laborers do crooked things and of course politicians do crooked things. Maybe its just stealing an apple, cutting in front of a line or taking a newspaper without paying at Starbucks; that’s  small-change crooked.  But who cares. The pros, like Trump, take millions from suckers by offering fantasies of wealth and religious leaders, through myriad small donations from the flock, make millions by offering nothing more than promises of a blissful life after death. The flock is offered prayers and blessings and magic water and absolution from their crooked ways while the religious con men live a blissful life right now by pretending that they are personally in touch with an invisible god that only they can see. Of course they know this is  complete bullshit but you better believe they have no intention of stopping considering all the money, power and benefits that come their way by preaching this tripe. Much of the flock, frightened of death from early on, buy into this nonsense – better safe than sorry as my mother used to say.

Of course woman are as crooked as men and are capable of the same machinations as men, including murder, to enrich themselves, but that is not reason enough to deny them a seat at the table to play the game. When one can point to a flawless garden of Eden created and ruled by a male, maybe I’ll change my mind, but right now I’d like to see what “crooked” Hillary can do.  Don’t worry little men. She will make mistakes, break promises and miscalculate and over charge for speeches, etc. etc., but I believe it is in her heart to do good things and if she has to make hard decisions she will. Maybe it will help to point out that during the last financial collapse when the banks in the USA, Iceland, Ireland, Greece and Portugal just to name a few went under, only one, a bank in Iceland, went unscathed. It was run by women.


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