No, The Stork Doesn’t Make Babies!

I have to admit that I have become frustrated with the fact that none of the main stream press and even my local paper, The Malibu Times, is unwilling to take a look at my memoir “Take Your Shame And Shove It” I know this is because of one three-letter word “Sex” and another four letter word “Porn.” No, the stork doesn’t make babies.

Despite the fact that much of my story is about making “Flesh Gordon” which was the inspiration for the G rated “Star Wars” and the learning theatre where its special effects crew honed their craft. The introduction of computerized animation was developed by Denis Muren while working for me at a makeshift studio in Eagle Rock. After Flesh he went on to form ILM and win seven academy awards and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Muren, 40 years later is finally acknowledging his role as the Special Effects director on Flesh Gordon. Near the end of the production which was made with band aids and chewing gum, I was forced to dole out salaries on a piecemeal basis because Graffitti Productions was struggling despite the fact that my partner, Bill Osco, was tooling around in a Rolls Royce. My wife, Judy, who I am still married to, supported me by working as a stripper at a club called The Ball in Santa Monica. It was she who discovered during one of her shifts while talking to a patron that Osco was embezzling money. It gave me legal justification to remove him and take over the company. Despite its beginnings as a porn film, I had long ago realized it was meant for main stream theaters. All the money I made by making adult films while the effects were being worked on had to go towards  completing Flesh Gordon. After a revolt by the effects crew, I was required to finish many of the effects myself despite no formal training. Some of crew also demanded that their names be left off the credits because they felt being associated with “sex” would be detrimental to their careers. Meanwhile, I dodged the vice’s daily tail that had been put on me and battled corrupt judges, cops, and D.A’s in court when I was arrested. However, after reshooting some of the footage which the cops intentionally destroyed after raiding my vaults, I finished the film in 3 years in 1975. This is only a snippet of a long involved story that is revealed in #TakeYourShameAndShoveIt.

The title of my memoir derives from my long struggle to overcome the fear of sex – I was a virgin at 21. It is a story of adventure about leaving MIT to operate a folk music club in the rebellious days of Berkeley and a decade long expensive battle to help my wife overcome her addiction to cocaine. It is also a story about rising from a shoeshine boy to a become a multimillionaire.  The word “sex” is still overwhelming and  frightening to Americans who yet seem to be consumed by it none-the-less. Not so with the Europeans who have interviewed me on several occasions. What’s wrong with this picture?

Sex and porn are all about making babies, the stork had nothing to do with it.

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