The Internet has made us sexually free

Thanks to the internet a forum has been provided where an anonymous contributor does not have to hold back about how he feels. This is true when it comes to politics but more so when it comes to race and gender, especially gender.

Because of bigger muscles, men the world over have always thought of themselves as superior to women. I know I did. Girls were sissies and even though muscle mass had nothing to do with brains, girls were intellectually not up to par when it came to subjects that mattered. Girls hearing this over and over accepted it as true. The myths told in the Bible confirmed it as true. But the internet has exposed that as a fallacy and the results is a battle of the sexes never known before.

Men in general have felt that they are the better stewards of a family’s security. Father knows best is the old saying. But there are untold millions of examples of how absurd this philosophy is. Both men and women can plunge a family into ruin with their excesses, be it alcohol, gambling or expensive jewelry. Powerful men have alway felt they had the right to keep women as sex slaves. King Solomon had over 300 wives, Hugh Hefner had his bunnies, Roger Ailes had his newsroom’s female employees. Women being kept in ignorance was key to maintaining this caste system. The internet along with TV has changed that. It has given women equal voice at the table. They are no longer expected to retire meekly to the back room while the men discuss serious subjects while sucking on symbolic penises, i.e. the cigar. The current battle over a woman becoming President is just an extension of this old saw. But the saw is false. Leave out the silly name calling. A woman is just as capable of being the alpha dog as a man and just as capable of fucking up as well. It’s not a gender issue.

Making things even more difficult is that neither sex truly understands the power of the hormones that drive the psyche of the opposite sex. Women don’t want to be harassed yet they adore attention but only when they want it. Men like to play around. A hard on is difficult if not impossible to ignore. It’s no big deal as long as  children are not abandoned. Hillary was derided when she offered a solution; “It takes a village to raise a child.”  Passing on the family name is meaningless.

Laws try to keep things civil but as is often the case go over the top and just make things worse. Maybe this explains the hatred that is spewed out on Facebook about Hillary…cunt, bitch, devil. Four hundred years ago Cervantes pointed out in Don Quixote that all the males in the village were in love with its most beautiful female but when she had to reject the majority of them love turned to hate.

The modern world is allowing women to survive without the support of a man. This has upset many men and women as well. Some are content to remain subservient.  What is unreasonable is that many women who have made that choice lash out as virulently as the men against the women who want control of their own destinies. This seems to be true of older women whose sexual powers are diminishing.Being abandoned in old age is not a pleasant thought. There is no perfect answer but women deserve and are getting a voice at the table. No more name calling! As Silverstone said: You’re being ridiculous”


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