Macho men keep putting foot in their mouths

Recently Bill O’Reiley commented about how good slaves had it while working on building the White House and Clint Eastwood used the term “Pussy” to refer to women being inherently weak.

That O’Rielly knows nothing about hardship while working under the umbrella of the harasser in chief, Roger Ailes and Clint thinking that women’s lack of muscle mass equates with being weak mentally is so patently false that it doesn’t deserve to be argued seriously. Calling a woman a “pussy” when it comes to political judgement just shows an innate fear of women and one has to wonder if “Dirty Harry” is only a tough guy on the safe confines of a studio lot. I would think he could do better.

How the Republicans can think they are fit to lead this country when they harbor such puerile and anachronistic views

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