Alpha Dogs

An alpha dog is the pack leader, all packs, including human packs, are led by an alpha dog. Not everyone can be an alpha dog. It’s a special gift not limited to males. I could never be an alpha dog on a national scale and only intermittently in my own home, but Hillary Clinton can. She has the charisma and energy to attract millions of followers. Donald Trumps wants to be an alpha dog but is so fragile and unpredictable that his leadership could be disastrous which brings me to the point…All our pack can hope for is that our alpha dog doesn’t lead us over the edge of the cliff, like
W almost did.

All alpha dogs make grandiose promises. Politicians promise a chicken-in-every-pot and religious gurus promise an eternal life of happiness after death or the opposite if you don’t believe their dogma. Both are well paid for passing on their putative wisdom but few if any of the promises become a reality. In a world of billions of people living on a planet with diminishing resources, how could they. Even more naive is to think that some “dude” knows about life after death.

The promises have to be taken with a grain of salt but all packs still need an alpha dog lest they run wild in the street. That is already happening, even in the USA. Hillary will try her best. At a minimum she will take the shackles of religious shame off the legs of women to allow them to take a fresh look at the world they live in. Some will be successful; others will be failures and corrupt…just like the men. But the way I see it, women seem to be much wiser when it comes to controlling the size of their families. They have ameliorated their maternal instincts by taking care animals who are struggling for survival because of human population explosion.
She will have plenty of unavoidable failures, but I think her experience with the Iraq vote will prevent her from leading us over the edge…let us at least hope so.

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