The Tyranny of Symbols

All symbols are meant to express superiority, from political, religious, sports, music genres. They all say my side is better than your side. If I wear a Green Bay Packers tee-shirt it’s because I want people to know that I consider them to be a superior team and by associating myself with the brand that I am also a superior being. This is just harmless nonsense – not the case when it comes to religion where the battle between gods takes place. In almost all cases, those who refuse to wear a religion’s symbol of supremacy are deemed to be heretics and depending at one time in history the infraction occurs, might have to be put to death by some ghastly means like stoning or immolation.

Since the advent of the scientific method where a thesis like the existence of a god has to be proven by verifiable experimentation, most sane people either no longer believe in gods or at least have serious doubts; but those who still cling to the tyranny of religious thought are inclined to put irrational demands on other members of the tribe, most notably women. Women who resist are called witches or possessed. Those who just go along accept not being worthy of being taken seriously and agree to stay quiet and obey their male master.

That is what we are seeing today in the U.S. Presidential race where zealots are unable to accept a woman as the country’s leader. That millions of women, mostly older, go along with the zealots only shows how hard it is to break with tradition. The first time I used the name of the Lord in vain by saying “God Damn” I literally shook.

Those who say that Muslim women want to wear the hijab can only look as far as an article in the LA Times which described the joy of a woman living in a town in Syria just freed from ISIS. She ripped off her hijab and burned it.

I know now is not the time for Hillary and women in the liberal media to take up the cause of liberating women from religious tyranny, but to accede to a practice that most American women find disgusting is not a message she needs to make. It’s like saying as long as you don’t beat your slave too harshly its OK. She will not lose votes if she takes a stand for women. Trumps voters already hate her just because she is a woman.

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