Feminists vs Chavinists

An article about actress Natalie Portman – Star Wars, The Avengers among others,LA Times 8/14/16, quotes her as saying “We have such discomfort in this country with women’s desire – for sex, for food, for anything. In France women’s sexuality is much more open…desiring men – or women – desiring pleasure – is much more open. Her point was to explain why there are so few women directors in America. I can personally attest to sexuality in France, it’s where I discovered mine when I was taken to the Follies Bergere while still a Freshman in high school at a time when I had yet to experience a hard on. I left the show with one that wouldn’t go down for three hours.

The article got me thinking about why there is so much hatred – yes hatred – between the sexes. It’s not just in America, it’s in many place around the world. It is no secret that women have something that men want but can only dole it out on a very limited basis. When men can’t get what they want they become angry and even violent. Most harmful is that religion has turned women into possessions to do as men desire. Men willing accepted this role of master. They became chauvinists. In the bedroom women were expected to initiate sex by offering a blow job and little reciprocation was expected. Thanks to modern electronic media, women began to see the fallacy of these roles that they had been forced to agree to and began to demand equal treatment. They were not possessions and deserved equal treatment, especially in the bedroom by expecting ample cunnilingus to enhance their arousal. They became feminists.

Women always knew that men think with their dicks and have alway known how to exploit it but sharing power has come hard. The reaction from men has been what could be expected. Their property was being taken away. Some cultures like those in the middle east covered women up from head to toe to keep them invisible. Others broke the bones in their feet so they could be bound and made immobile, rendering them servile and essentially helpless. In America opportunities were simply denied. Stay in the kitchen and don’t bother yourself with science or politics and as is the case Natalie Portman describes, in the film industry. The French have a long history of enjoying women’s femininity. Benjamin Franklin almost refused to leave Paris when he was an ambassador there. Women there have a long history of making contributions to society.

But men have suffered as well from religious puritanical dogma. The idea that sexual urges in a man can be repressed by godly edicts like those in the 10 commandments is ludicrous. When a man gets a hard on he has to either find sex or masturbate, usually the latter. But religion makes even spilling seed a sin – the sin of Onan. Repression leads to neurotic behaviour, sometimes brutal and criminal. Again the French seem to be far advanced when it comes to recognizing a man’s needs. A man having a mistress or visiting a prostitute is not frowned upon nor is a woman becoming a leader of state or a director. A woman can become a courtesan or a prostitute without a pimp. Not so in America

The idea of possession dies hard but is not impossible. I have lived in an open marriage for 45 years and though it had many rough spots along the way, I would not change a thing. I tell the story in detail in my memoir “Take Your Shame And Shove It.” I have to believe that Natalie Portman and Hillary Clinton feel the same way. Hillary allowed Bill his freedom. There is nothing more precious than a mind free to pursue the joys of life however it sees fit.

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