Shaming the Shamers

How many times is Hillary Clinton, Rachel Maddow and Chris Mathews going to sit silent in the face of religious shaming of women. Muslims, Catholics, Orthodox Jews, Mormons, Hindus and Evangelicals – they all do it! Why is it that only comedians like Sarah Silverman, John Oliver, Amy Schummer, John Stewart, Bill Maher, Samantha Bee and Trevor Nohah have the gumption to speak out against this repulsive behavior from the religious zealots. The mousey protests of establishment politicians and pundits is enough to make one scream. Hillary wears a scarf when visiting Saudi Arabia but does not call for all women in this country to remove any symbols of inferiority imposed upon them by ancient religious customs when they are in America. Why the fear. Religious intolerance is not American

Only France – yes France – always criticized for being cowardly – has had the spine to speak loud and clear that religious persecution of the hoi poli will not be tolerated. No burkas, hijabs, Crosses, Skull caps, Stars of David or turbans are tolerated.

Religion has always been sexist and racist. Women brought shame to humans in the garden of Eden and needed to pay a price. Being black is the curse of Ham, a retribution against Nohah. Slavery was justified by the bible. Pat Robertson attributes the floods in New Orleans to God’s anger about homosexuality. But like it or not the world evolves. When is this lunacy going to end? The time to shame the shamers has come.

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