Black and the “empty doom”

As a youngster living in Evansville, Indiana, I looked forward going to the local theater each week more so to see the week’s serial episode of Superman vs.the Atom man than seeing the feature movie. It was about week 13 when Lex Luther was about to send Superman into the “empty doom”.No clue had been given in previous weeks as to what this horrible fate was and I looked with great anticipation of finding out. To get to the theater I had to take a city bus but woefully they went on strike earlier in the week. What a bummer. But then at 10AM on Saturday it was announced on radio that the strike was over and buses would again be running, I sprinted the two blocks to the corner and arrived just in time to hop on the first bus that came by which would get me to the theater just in time to catch the Superman episode. As it turned out the “empty doom” wasn’t very scary but at least my curiosity had been satisfied.

Religion uses its own version of “the empty doom” to keep us held in its grips and they don’t tell us its fantasy. The bible tells us in Isaiah 45 verse 7 “I form the light and create darkness”.This obsession with darkness explains why the “holy ones” are infatuated with black, in their clothing and demeanor. It was why Christians were thrown to the lions in Nero’s time. They were downers and party spoilers. When I was living in Boston while attending MIT, it was forbidden by the Catholic church to play music in public places before 1PM. Sunday morning was a time for solemnity and joy was forbidden.

Human females, who are by nature the joyful members of our species, have taken, over the millenniums, the brunt of this dour environment, most notably in fundamental branches of the Muslim community but to some degree in all religions.

We now know, or should know, that there is no “empty doom” and allowing ourselves to be intimidated by threats from black shrouded idiots to be sent there if we don’t fall in line, especially sexually, is madness. As the French say “Thank heaven for little girls”, for without them what would little boys be?” Though it took me many years to crawl from under the dark shadow of religion, when I did I made every effort to live life at it’s fullest while I was healthy and alive. They can take their shame and shove it. It wasn’t for me. That’s why I have no fear of death.

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