Kanye West got this right.

Much as I disagreed with Kanye West’s behaviour when Taylor Swift won her music award at the Grammy Awards I have to admire his defense of his wife Kim Kardashian appearing in the nude on her selfies without censorship bars. He said during an interview on Harper’s Bazaar “I feel like it’s a Renaissance thing,a painting,To not show it would be like Adele not singing” I’m not a Kanye West fan, far from it. At 76 years old I’m what they call on the Netflix show ‘Midsommer Murders’ an “old wrinklie,” but seeing Kim Kardashinan’ body in the nude is inspirational, it reminds me when I was young, it makes the day come alive.Isn’t fantasy what keeps us going? It’s hard for me to understand why so many people can have fantasies about spirits in the heavens but cringe at fantasies about what a woman has beneath her cloths. I think they are just too indoctrinated by religion to admit that they fantasize like everyone else.kardashian

In this absurdly religious country the myth started in the Garden of Eden where the desert god promulgates that nudity is a sin and human beings must forever after remain covered; it is not surprising that West’s remarks were met with shock and horror, as virulent as those made when Janis Jackson exposed her nipple at the Super Bowl. The voices of the ‘deplorables’ seem to get loudest over the most trivial things

Will we ever outgrow this childish behaviour. I doubt it. Most people have never gone to a nudist camp or beach, but I have. My experience left me realizing that there is nothing more boring than seeing a bunch of tits and balls bouncing up and down during a volley ball game. West hit it on the head when he says seeing Kardashiahan is like seeing a beautiful work of art. It is a rare thing and hats off to Kim for sharing it with us. Those who see shame have a problem.

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