A chicken with its head cut off

I recall how horrified I was when my grandfather took me out to a farm and I watched a turkey have its head chopped off. For a few moments it ran around with no sense of direction. That is what’s happening now, not just in America but around the world. Sadly our heads, the guiding force that keeps us on a rational path, has been religion. It tells us to bow our heads to spirits in the sky and expect them to lead us. In the last few decades that scam has been exposed. When the Russians sent a manned ‘Sputnik’ around the earth, Khrushchev satirically said we looked for god but we didn’t see him.

That satellite and those that followed opened up the cultures of the world for all to see. Beyond interesting food, houses and dances, what we began to see was irrational hatred, against other races and women in particular. The following picture was posted on the internet for the purpose of engendering hatred, but if you look closely you will see something else.muslim-girls

Yes, the girls are Muslims who don’t want to stand for the National Anthem. Their protest is somewhat misdirected but not unexpected. We are not the ones demeaning them. Shedding religious indoctrination comes hard. When I muttered to my father that I no longer believed in “god” he began to boil and said I should be horse-whipped. Only my mother saved me from a vicious beating.

But what else does that picture show? All the girls are wearing makeup and looking as attractive as they can, their smiles are enticing. They are exercising the animal impulse for a female to attract a male. But unless they want to be “horse-whipped” or worse, they will follow muslim orthodoxy. I recall the first time I used the name of the lord in vain and said “God Damn.” For a moment I shuddered expecting to be struck down by a lightning bolt. Those girls in that picture are taking a stance against ‘male’ dominated promulgation that tells them that they are inferior and must be covered. Recently in Iran, some women have taken off the hijab and adopted a dog as a pet. So far, other than a mild protest by the Imams, no radical action has been taken. The day is coming when all women will refuse to wear burkas and hijabs and casually saying “Allah Damn” will not get your head lopped off.

There are those among us currently led by Donald Trump who want us to run around the barnyard with our heads cut off. But to be fair, his argument that we don’t seem to be able to say “no” has validity. France, by banning all religious symbols, has done exactly that. But running around the barnyard with our heads cut off is not the answer. We need to support the inchoate movement by those ladies in the picture and just say no to religion. Catholics used to burn heretics at the stake and recently the Irish were blowing each other up over religion. Seeing how pointless that was, they finally stopped.

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