Make America Great Again???

lynching-3Maybe some of you bible thumping blow hards should take a look at the following pictures before venting your anger at the “black lives matter” movement.lynching-2
The joy on the faces of the crowd is only matched by those coming from a Donald Trump ralley
How dare these ungrateful protesting “darkies” not be thankful for the wonderful opportunities that this country has bestowed upon them. Didn’t white people flock to their churches and offer 3 hail Mary’s while saying “Father forgive me for I have sinned” to erase any perceived infractions. Can there be any doubt that those “niggers” got what they deserved. What the hell do they want.

Isn’t it enough that millions of blacks have joined the “Christian” church, the same church whose leader, Jesus Christ, didn’t protest slavery but just said treat your slaves with kindness. I don’t know if he felt the same way about Jewish slaves purported to be held in Egypt although no definitive evidence that this even existed has been found. For the life of me I cannot understand why blacks have joined this church but there’s not enough space here to look into it. I understand that they are trying as best they can to live peacefully among the “superior” white race…but still.

Hasn’t America celebrated black acheivement with full applause, like when Don Immus referred to the championship women’s basketball team as a bunch of “nappy haired” whores” but then graciously appologized when his job was threatened as did Rush Limbaugh when he claimed on Monday Night Football that the only reason Donovan McNabb had the job as Philadelphia’s quarterback was because he was black. Everyone knew that both apologies were heartfelt. After all, white men are Christians.

So what if Trump questioned Obama’s citizenship or his college credentials. Who could not wonder why Trump, who is so much more articulate, would have this question. And to suggest that Obama’s moral values and 24 year marriage compares to Trump’s multiple divorces to every glamour girl he could get his hands on is absurd.

Yes, when you vote in November, keep in mind the beautiful pictures above when white folks were happy and America was great. And that applies to you ladies as well. sufferage-2Recall the time when you couldn’t vote and your husband could beat the shit out of you if you didn’t bring him his slippers when he came home drunk from the bar.sufferage-1 Oh those were the days. The days when America was great. Let’s make it that way again! Vote Trump on November 2nd.

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