Woman are more than Just Incubators !!

That is not to imply that they are not incubators. In fact they are very attractive incubators. Four million years of evolution has made them that way to keep our species viable. But they also have brains, brains every bit as good as a man’s.

Largely because of male centric gods, including the desert god of Abraham, women have been restricted to the role of being an incubator for a man, usually the possession of a single man to produce him children, preferably males, to carry on the family name. In the past and still in the present in some tribes, a woman can be traded to another man for a cow. The man can divorce his woman and take in a younger woman still at the peak of her child-bearing years. This practice has only been made more equitable in recent years. Older woman are often moved to a back room or out of the house and made to fend for themselves.

Recognizing that the sexual attraction that human females have is visual, some religions have attempted to stamp down that allure with laws or demands that the female attire herself in ways that hide her essence from the light of day. The worse of these efforts are made by the radical believers in Islam but radical believers in Judaism, Christianity and Mormonism are not far behind. The burka is outright frightening and some Islamists practice genital mutilation to remove any sexual drive a female might have to keep her under wraps.Some orthodox Jews put a sheet between their bodies with only a small hole cut to allow the male penis to enter the female.

That females are inclined to exhibit their charms is a given and their lure can be overwhelming, but it is also a given that they do not want to be attacked or groped. This was a lesson I learned early on when I began my career as an adult film maker, what is derisively called a pornographer. My models were more often that not refugees from the restraints of religion dogma that had taught them to be ashamed of their bodies. They were more than pleased to work for me using their bodies to tease or indulge in sex, sometimes extreme or painful, but only with their consent. If I attempted to impose myself upon them I was met with a quick and stern rebuff.

But over the last few centuries, woman have begun to free themselves from the role of just being incubators and are now showing themselves to be able leaders, philosophers, writers, musicians, actors and scientists. Many men, still living in a cave like a troglodyte, are having trouble accepting the fact that the old days of religious myth and its irrational constraints are not coming back. Get over it!!

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