A message from an MIT pornographer

Yesterday I posted on April Speaks a post to a 55-year-old woman who was coming to the realization that it was time for her to live some of the adventures she had alway dreamed of. At an early age when I watched a distant train from my aunts front lawn in rural Springfield, Wisconsin, disappear around a bend, I was smitten by wonder as to where that train had gone.

My father left my mother when I was three or four so the burden was lifted from me having to be a chip off the old block. Adventure was in my future and I soon took advantage of it. At seven I mingled with the young black boys around the Fort Knox PX where I had my own shoe shine business and when I wasn’t working wandered deep into the woods surrounding the trailer where I lived with my “new” father, an Army dentist who my mother remarried to give her and me a family life.

When he was reassigned to Fort Ord, California I continued to seek adventure, having no fear of hitch-hiking, even late at night when my first encounter with a gay pedophile had me jumping out of his car and running home at heart breaking speed where I was too embarrassed to tell my parents what had just happened.

My refuge was in the pictures of the “cheesecake” magazines that I stole from the magazine racks of local stores. Pictures of Tempest Storm and Lilly St Cyr put my body into an ecstatic state, this despite the fact that I only knew what an orgasm was because my black friend who I shinned shoes with while I was living in Erlangen, Germany, invited to show me at his house when his parents were away where he jacked off while sitting in his bathtub.

When I arrived at MIT in 1958, I was still a naive virgin but one who came with a small stash of girlie books to fantasize and find orgasmic relief in between the intense studying it took to keep up with the pressure in that august school. MIT only had one female student at that time. Women were still considered not to have minds that were conducive to math and science. But it didn’t take long for me to find that the Old Howard in seedy Scollay Square provided real live girls who left my crotch wet by the end of their shows. The burlesque theatre became such an obsession that I flunked out from school in three years and headed to Berkeley to embark on a new adventure. There I would become part owner in a club called the Cabale with Rolf Cahn, whose family had escaped Nazi Germany, and Debbie Green, the most beautiful soft-hearted woman I had ever laid my eyes on.

Berkeley was a haven for rebels, male and female. Free love was abundant and woman like my partner, Debbie Green and Janis Joplin came to the Bay Area and the Cabale to grow their careers. A 18-year-old bright-eyed black girl, a virgin when she arrived but not much longer, would go on to England to star in the British musical Hair and have a child with Mick Jagger. She was the inspiration for the Stone’s song, “Brown Eyed Girl.”

But I was still intimidated by Girls and sex and when I moved to Los Angeles, penniless, decided to do something about it. I became a nude model and eventually a producer of adult fare. The girls I encountered were by and large intelligent, some even with college degrees. They were young woman tired of being told that their only purpose in life was to be an incubator to make a man a baby, preferrably male, to carry on the family name. I soon learned that they enjoyed sex, but only on their own terms They enjoyed being admired but not groped like our current President thinks is his prerogative.

Now women are realizing that they have the right to enjoy their bodies and their brains. Today I read an article about Frances Arnold, the first woman to win the Millennial Technology Prize for her discoveries in the field of Organic Chemistry. Recently I advised a sexy dentist from Las Vegas who delighted me with a flash of her shaved pussy when she stayed overnight at our home -my wife of 45 years has had many adventures of her own – that the guy she was dating who told her that the Koran said it was alright to hit a woman as long as it didn’t leave a mark the next day was a jerk – right out of the dark ages. I told her to dump him. Woman around the world, thanks to the internet, are freeing themselves from the sick dogma of religion, be it Muslim, Catholic, Evangelical or Mormon. Maybe someone like me, a pornographer can put it into terms that make sense. When I was recently in the ICU in Santa Monica for stomach problems, the beautiful Asian nurses were so fascinated by the fact that I had made porn movies that one even went so far as to buy my book “Take Your Shame And Shove It” Maybe Trump won the day, but he’s not going to win the war. No politician or religion has the right to tell us, man or woman, what we can do with our brains or our bodies. We will not back down.

12 thoughts on “A message from an MIT pornographer

  1. Howard
    You can be intelligent and thoughtful when you want to be.
    This is the best writing I have ever seen you write since I have been writing you.
    So you “advised” a woman did you?
    I thought you didn’t tell people what to
    do or say?
    And yet here you are playing the philosopher
    About sex you can rightly call yourself an expert.

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    1. How nice of you, what’s going on? I hope you read enough of my book to see that I credited you with teaching me a lot about women.

      On Sun, Dec 11, 2016 at 12:11 AM, howardziehm.com wrote:



  2. Having been a part of your formative years, I need you to know I look back on those times shamelessly. You were one of my favorite people and we shared some very cool (and crazy) times. I am happy for your success and it was nice to cyberley reconnect. I anticipated the publication of your last book and rushed to get a copy. How disappointing to see myself in print as ugly with a smelly puss The biggest disappointment was not being able to proudly share your book with my kids and grandkids. I was never particularly concerned about my looks…I was comfortable in my skin…now…I look at myself and say “Damn, I’m super cute for 73” And still sexy as ever. I love the smell of my pussy, then and now. I love the taste of me on my lover’s lips, on his cock. So though I’m pretty angry you wrote what you did, for the most part, what I read reflected that time. I find your posts intriguing so you may be hearing from me again


    1. Thanks Phyliss. Dave Chapelle and Amy Schumer both recently commented on smelly Pussies on their recent Netflix shows, saying it’s an acquired taste. You have to admit that I ate your pussy with a relish and made sure you enjoyed the experience as I did with all the ladies I ate over the years.. So good to hear from you again. You’re at 73 and I’m just hitting 77 and we both can look back and say we enjoyed life when we had the chance. #TakeYourShameandShoveIt

      On Wed, Mar 29, 2017 at 12:41 PM, howardziehm.com wrote:



      1. Just in case my children or my grandchildren or my grandchildren’s children are reading this some future day. The 1960’s were a time of shame. Women, especially, had been taught from an early age that they were “less than”, that their bodies needed to be stuffed into girdles and bra’s, their body hair shaved, their rhythms and intuition denied, their natural odors masked I remember one ad for deodorant directed at young women saying something like, “you’re becoming a young woman now, and along with your new body you are developing a women’s perspiration, the kind that offends.” Jokes were made about pussy smelling like fish…women douched with chemical perfume to avoid smelling like a women. Natural childbirth and breastfeed was considered unsafe and unnatural. I did not buy into this hype, nor should you. Pussy smells like pussy..natural pheromones…I learned to appreciate and accept my body, as it was, my flavors, as they were. Tossed the girdle, the bra, embraced my senses…no shame…no shame in a “smelly” puss. Still, because of its negative connotation, I prefer the word “pungent.” Children, love yourselves and each other, consciously and kindly.


      1. You’re welcome. My reaction to your memories with me really gave me pause. At first, I was so hurt and embarrassed. I actually cried for a few days. Next, I was indignant and real angry with you. Ego wanted to see me portrayed as a beautiful succulent free spirit smelling and tasting like the nectar of the goddesses. Much of my person did came through..kind, fun, honest…but instead, I latched onto the negative. I am glad I worked through my insecurities enough to dialogue with you. I’ll always remember Melvin…and it is about “taking shame and shoving it.” I have several grandgirls and the privilege and responsibility of being a role model so I wanted them to have some background info if they were to read your memoir


  3. Hello Howard,
    My name is Stephanie and I just wanted to say first of all that I really enjoyed your book and second that I lived for a small time in Marina del Rey in 1990. I was 18 and unsuccessfully trying to attend school, UCLA. I preferred rollerskating down at the beach. In fact, I don’t think I took my skates off for about a year! Anyway, one of the people I met was your Judy! She was so kind to me. She’s the one that got me skating from Venice to Chattaqua and then we would climb the stairs, in our skates! I think I even got a chow chow from her that needed rescuing and we didn’t even know it was pregnant! One of the puppies only had one eye and we named him Popeye! I think it was 1999 I went to a birthday party at your house. I don’t remember who it was for but I remember bringing my 2 year old son along and my friend. Anyway, my point is… is I am not any kind of social media but I was wondering if you could ask Judy if she remembers me at all.. I hope she is doing well!! Let her know she was a big inspiration in my life! So much has happened since I last saw her….
    Stephanie Barker
    p.s. back in 1990 I was Stephanie Casas and then from 1992-2008 Stephanie Jones. Like I said, a lot has happened in the years since I hung out with Judy!!


    1. So that’s where Popeye came from. I still think about him all the time. Judy will be thrilled to talk to you. We now have 5 rescue dogs and are still together after 46 years. I’m going to forward your info to her. I’m delighted you enjoyed my book. It’s always good to hear. I have someone in Austria that wants to make a doc based on it. Those were revolutionary times that we all and women in particular are still fighting. Yours Howard

      On Tue, May 23, 2017 at 3:52 PM, howardziehm.com wrote:



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