Censored by Facebook…Too Sexy

How quickly history is lost in the march of time, even recent history. How quickly we forget that until Bridget Bardot wore a modest bikini on the beach in Cannes in 1952, they were considered to be scandalous. It is now hard to believe that Lenny Bruce was hauled off to jail for saying “fuck” in the 60’s during his act. It’s almost impossible to believe that people rarely left a light on during sex in the 50’s. As recent as 1995 woman weren’t allowed to wear pants in the legislature. Gays not only stayed in the closet, they just didn’t exist. Smoking grass could put you in jail for 40 years or at least 3 like happened to Texas stripper Candy Barr. Genitals had to remain covered well into the 60’s even in men’s magazines. I’ve been asked several times, “Wasn’t porn always legal?”
No it wasn’t. The first film to unravel the chains was a little film I made, long before ‘Deep Throat’, called ‘Mona The Virgin Nymph’. Variety called it the film that brought the stag movie out of the dark shadows and into the mainstream. But it wasn’t just sex that was in the dark. As a child living on the Fort Knox Army base in Kentucky, the black GI’s could only see movies at a theatre specially set aside for them. I was a shoeshine boy at that time and often bumped brushes with the black shoeshine boys working at the bus station. That was the beginning of my rebellion against social norms. I went on to become MIT’s first beatnik and soon after crossed paths in Berkeley with rebellious icons such as Janis Joplin and Lenny Bruce. To overcome my embarrassment about nudity I posed for men’s magazines when I moved to LA, even those that catered to the gay crowd. As I spearheaded the movement to legalize pornography, I found myself confronting police, DA’s and Judges who were corrupt and anything but honorable. After the vice confiscated the negative to Flesh Gordon they threw two rolls in the trash thinking it would prevent me from finishing the film. My ribald memoir ‘Take Your Shame and Shove It’ is in the preliminary stages of being made into a documentary about an era that resulted in immense moral and social change. Thanks to that revolution, all of us, men and women and the entire LGBT community, can enjoy sex without embarrassment and participate in the entire spectrum of the political experience as never before.
‘Take Your Shame and Shove It’ is currently available at http://www.amazon.com/dp/0692593640

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