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Howard Ziehm is an author and renowned adult film producer. Although some of the pictures depicted in the “images of Howard Ziehm” web page are spurious, the site still gives an interesting view of his range of activity.

The R-rated version of Howard’s most notable picture, Flesh Gordon of 1974 became an international cult film that continues to play, including the most recent Austin Film festival in Texas. This, and the sale of investments in the adult film business afford Howard to pursue his literary ambition.

Random House distributes Howard’s creation of an audio vocabulary program, and Gibbs Smith handles Howard’s coffee table book, Golf in the Comic Strips, forward written by Bob Hope.

Take Your Shame and Shove It, My Wild Journey Through The Mysterious Sexual Cosmos is a self published, ribald memoir.

Howard was born to second-generation immigrants, adopted by his stepfather, and a series of moves from one Army station to another. Three years after acceptance to MIT in Cambridge Massachusetts, Howard moved to Berkeley California to operate a folk-music nightclub, The Cabale, where races and all types of people mixed without prejudice. His introduction to the porn film industry happened after his move to Los Angeles in the 1960’s. He and his wife have lived in Malibu for over forty years where their favorite pastime is rescuing dogs.

By Pamela Callender