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TIME MAGAZINE  “When Porn was Chic”  March 29, 2005 by Richard Corliss

Mona, the first porno fiction feature,  opened in theaters in San Francisco and New York —and, more important, wasn’t closed down by the police. Set in the Bay Area, Mona had no redeeming social interest, only redeeming prurient interest.

Whether it was considered a real movie with explicit sex scenes, or a series of stag-reel exertions with a modicum of plot and characterization added, Mona created the blueprint for 70s porno chic. True to Friedman’s recipe, it had the boy/girl scene, the girl/girl scene, the orgy scene, and then the kiss-off. It also boasted an honorable mix of no-budget craftsmanship and hippie-dippie who-cares?

What Mona did not have was any credits —not for the producers (Bill Osco and Howard Ziehm), director (Howard Ziehm) or actors (Fifi Watson, Judy Angel and Ric Lutze). Discretion was probably wise; the cops were less likely to arrest you if they didn’t know your name. But in hiding its makers’ identities, Mona bowed to the old stigma of the stag film. It was still an anonymous transgression.

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 1.57.36 PM Inducted into XROC hall of fame in 1978

8 July 2006 | by Dries Vermeulen (Nodriesrespect)

Howard Ziehm, a director of photography who had collaborated with Wunderkind Bill Osco on early groundbreaking work like MONA (THE VIRGIN NYMPH) and FLESH GORDON, turned filmmaker and soon became known throughout the adult industry as the uncrowned king of the loop-carrier, bringing heat, humor and solid production values to the table. Silly titles like SEXTEEN, HOT COOKIES or NAUGHTY NETWORK barely conveyed the quality of these movies but fans in the know flocked to see them in droves anyway. SWEET CAKES proved perhaps the most lavish of the lot, but HONEYPIE remains the best. 

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Nifty 70’s sci-fi porn outing


8/10star virg rev