Censored by Facebook…Too Sexy

How quickly history is lost in the march of time, even recent history. How quickly we forget that until Bridget Bardot wore a modest bikini on the beach in Cannes in 1952, they were considered to be scandalous. It is now hard to believe that Lenny Bruce was hauled off to jail for saying “fuck” in the 60’s during his act. It’s almost impossible to believe that people rarely left a light on during sex in the 50’s. As recent as 1995 woman weren’t allowed to wear pants in the legislature. Gays not only stayed in the closet, they just didn’t exist. Smoking grass could put you in jail for 40 years or at least 3 like happened to Texas stripper Candy Barr. Genitals had to remain covered well into the 60’s even in men’s magazines. I’ve been asked several times, “Wasn’t porn always legal?”
No it wasn’t. The first film to unravel the chains was a little film I made, long before ‘Deep Throat’, called ‘Mona The Virgin Nymph’. Variety called it the film that brought the stag movie out of the dark shadows and into the mainstream. But it wasn’t just sex that was in the dark. As a child living on the Fort Knox Army base in Kentucky, the black GI’s could only see movies at a theatre specially set aside for them. I was a shoeshine boy at that time and often bumped brushes with the black shoeshine boys working at the bus station. That was the beginning of my rebellion against social norms. I went on to become MIT’s first beatnik and soon after crossed paths in Berkeley with rebellious icons such as Janis Joplin and Lenny Bruce. To overcome my embarrassment about nudity I posed for men’s magazines when I moved to LA, even those that catered to the gay crowd. As I spearheaded the movement to legalize pornography, I found myself confronting police, DA’s and Judges who were corrupt and anything but honorable. After the vice confiscated the negative to Flesh Gordon they threw two rolls in the trash thinking it would prevent me from finishing the film. My ribald memoir ‘Take Your Shame and Shove It’ is in the preliminary stages of being made into a documentary about an era that resulted in immense moral and social change. Thanks to that revolution, all of us, men and women and the entire LGBT community, can enjoy sex without embarrassment and participate in the entire spectrum of the political experience as never before.
‘Take Your Shame and Shove It’ is currently available at http://www.amazon.com/dp/0692593640

A message from an MIT pornographer

Yesterday I posted on April Speaks a post to a 55-year-old woman who was coming to the realization that it was time for her to live some of the adventures she had alway dreamed of. At an early age when I watched a distant train from my aunts front lawn in rural Springfield, Wisconsin, disappear around a bend, I was smitten by wonder as to where that train had gone.

My father left my mother when I was three or four so the burden was lifted from me having to be a chip off the old block. Adventure was in my future and I soon took advantage of it. At seven I mingled with the young black boys around the Fort Knox PX where I had my own shoe shine business and when I wasn’t working wandered deep into the woods surrounding the trailer where I lived with my “new” father, an Army dentist who my mother remarried to give her and me a family life.

When he was reassigned to Fort Ord, California I continued to seek adventure, having no fear of hitch-hiking, even late at night when my first encounter with a gay pedophile had me jumping out of his car and running home at heart breaking speed where I was too embarrassed to tell my parents what had just happened.

My refuge was in the pictures of the “cheesecake” magazines that I stole from the magazine racks of local stores. Pictures of Tempest Storm and Lilly St Cyr put my body into an ecstatic state, this despite the fact that I only knew what an orgasm was because my black friend who I shinned shoes with while I was living in Erlangen, Germany, invited to show me at his house when his parents were away where he jacked off while sitting in his bathtub.

When I arrived at MIT in 1958, I was still a naive virgin but one who came with a small stash of girlie books to fantasize and find orgasmic relief in between the intense studying it took to keep up with the pressure in that august school. MIT only had one female student at that time. Women were still considered not to have minds that were conducive to math and science. But it didn’t take long for me to find that the Old Howard in seedy Scollay Square provided real live girls who left my crotch wet by the end of their shows. The burlesque theatre became such an obsession that I flunked out from school in three years and headed to Berkeley to embark on a new adventure. There I would become part owner in a club called the Cabale with Rolf Cahn, whose family had escaped Nazi Germany, and Debbie Green, the most beautiful soft-hearted woman I had ever laid my eyes on.

Berkeley was a haven for rebels, male and female. Free love was abundant and woman like my partner, Debbie Green and Janis Joplin came to the Bay Area and the Cabale to grow their careers. A 18-year-old bright-eyed black girl, a virgin when she arrived but not much longer, would go on to England to star in the British musical Hair and have a child with Mick Jagger. She was the inspiration for the Stone’s song, “Brown Eyed Girl.”

But I was still intimidated by Girls and sex and when I moved to Los Angeles, penniless, decided to do something about it. I became a nude model and eventually a producer of adult fare. The girls I encountered were by and large intelligent, some even with college degrees. They were young woman tired of being told that their only purpose in life was to be an incubator to make a man a baby, preferrably male, to carry on the family name. I soon learned that they enjoyed sex, but only on their own terms They enjoyed being admired but not groped like our current President thinks is his prerogative.

Now women are realizing that they have the right to enjoy their bodies and their brains. Today I read an article about Frances Arnold, the first woman to win the Millennial Technology Prize for her discoveries in the field of Organic Chemistry. Recently I advised a sexy dentist from Las Vegas who delighted me with a flash of her shaved pussy when she stayed overnight at our home -my wife of 45 years has had many adventures of her own – that the guy she was dating who told her that the Koran said it was alright to hit a woman as long as it didn’t leave a mark the next day was a jerk – right out of the dark ages. I told her to dump him. Woman around the world, thanks to the internet, are freeing themselves from the sick dogma of religion, be it Muslim, Catholic, Evangelical or Mormon. Maybe someone like me, a pornographer can put it into terms that make sense. When I was recently in the ICU in Santa Monica for stomach problems, the beautiful Asian nurses were so fascinated by the fact that I had made porn movies that one even went so far as to buy my book “Take Your Shame And Shove It” Maybe Trump won the day, but he’s not going to win the war. No politician or religion has the right to tell us, man or woman, what we can do with our brains or our bodies. We will not back down.

A simple answer to today’s drama.

The other day I was at a Starbucks in Venice when a dark-skinned young man complemented me about the t-shirt I was wearing. It was all orange with a happy cartoon character on the front and a message the simply said “You Can.” My wife, a collector at heart, saw it hanging atop a pole and brought it home to give to me after she washed it.

As the day progressed, I moved to one of the four comfort chairs sitting in the middle of the
room and the dark-skinned young man did the same. We began having a conversation and I learned that his name was Mohammed. We were discussing how upset we were with the election. In the chair to my right was another young man, white and a supporter of Trump. The conversation got loud and heated, the white kid insisting that America was exceptional. I told him that was true if you were sitting at a Starbucks on the Westside of Los Angeles sipping Lattes, but not so true if you were living in a tent pitched on the cement sidewalk on Main Street in downtown LA. Mohammed led the argument against the Trump supporter, my brain, still weakened from a week in the ICU at Santa Monica Hospital due to bleeding in my stomach and esophagus, too slow to make good reposts. I’m now back to health but in recovery mode. Anyway, no minds were changed and the management asked us to quiet down a bit because we were getting too loud.

As I continued to talk to Mohammed I found him to be very intelligent and mentioned that my editor on “Flesh Gordon” was a muslim. He told me that he had big plans for himself and with the help of god to which he raised his hands over his head as to beseech god, he was confident that his dreams would be realized. I told him I was an atheist and did not believe in god and would advise him to keep relying on his own good energy to take him to where he wanted to go. He seemed open to my advice.

I then loaded up the YouTube I had made called “The Perverted Monsters of Flesh Gordon” After two minutes he was laughing hysterically and said that he was going to get a DVD of the film and show it to his friends this weekend while they got together to smoke a few joints and have a few laughs.

It made me see a path to help people get past the possible depressing adventure that we are about to embark on. The Facebook post I will make each day goes like this: Need a cheap respite from the madness. For $30 dollars you can buy some weed (now legal) buy or rent a DVD of Flesh Gordon (on Amazon.com/Flesh Gordon) have a few laughs with your girl or boy friend, (Flesh provides plenty of straight and gay humor) and then top it off with getting laid. All for less than $30. It doesn’t get better than that.

A day to make “white” people proud

With Donald Trump’s victory, the burden of having to pretend to not be a racist hypocrite has been lifted. How often do we white people have a friendly conversation with a black person only to whisper to a fellow white once the black person is out of earshot..”arrogant nigger or just another stupid nigger” Of course we will still not use that language overtly but with Trump in power we no longer have to feel guilty. We can cheer for the black athletes while they are on the field and then curse them under our breaths if they fail to make the play and of course never invite them to date our daughters or have dinner at our homes. To paraphrase what Chris Rock said, “I can be a smart nigger or a rich nigger…I’m still a nigger.”

Trump’s victory has also confirmed that woman need to know whose boss. Of course he lets them handle some secretarial work but his comments clearly make it obvious that their influence on him has its limits. It is not surprising considering that woman have accepted that role for thousands of years. Many of them are still not ready to free themselves from those shackles. After all, from Biblical times on a woman’s role was to provide an incubator to spawn a man’s son, that a daughter came out once in a while was just an inconvenience. Even god himself only had one son, no mention ever made that he had any daughters. So now that Trump is our leader we can continue to look at woman as sex objects who should be available at any time a man has a need, i.e. Roger Ailes at Fox. Let us not be confused that woman have strong needs for sexual satisfaction as well, but it’s only when they are in the mood and in agreement. That they have brains that are every bit as able as a man’s to achieve successes and failures is still a challenge. Of course they are able to use machinations for their own benefit as well. They are human.

As we will soon discover what most of us know in our hearts, Trump and his band of “merry gropers” will now celebrate their great fortune and achievement to be born with white skin, but the writing is on the wall. This celebration will be short-lived.

Woman are more than Just Incubators !!

That is not to imply that they are not incubators. In fact they are very attractive incubators. Four million years of evolution has made them that way to keep our species viable. But they also have brains, brains every bit as good as a man’s.

Largely because of male centric gods, including the desert god of Abraham, women have been restricted to the role of being an incubator for a man, usually the possession of a single man to produce him children, preferably males, to carry on the family name. In the past and still in the present in some tribes, a woman can be traded to another man for a cow. The man can divorce his woman and take in a younger woman still at the peak of her child-bearing years. This practice has only been made more equitable in recent years. Older woman are often moved to a back room or out of the house and made to fend for themselves.

Recognizing that the sexual attraction that human females have is visual, some religions have attempted to stamp down that allure with laws or demands that the female attire herself in ways that hide her essence from the light of day. The worse of these efforts are made by the radical believers in Islam but radical believers in Judaism, Christianity and Mormonism are not far behind. The burka is outright frightening and some Islamists practice genital mutilation to remove any sexual drive a female might have to keep her under wraps.Some orthodox Jews put a sheet between their bodies with only a small hole cut to allow the male penis to enter the female.

That females are inclined to exhibit their charms is a given and their lure can be overwhelming, but it is also a given that they do not want to be attacked or groped. This was a lesson I learned early on when I began my career as an adult film maker, what is derisively called a pornographer. My models were more often that not refugees from the restraints of religion dogma that had taught them to be ashamed of their bodies. They were more than pleased to work for me using their bodies to tease or indulge in sex, sometimes extreme or painful, but only with their consent. If I attempted to impose myself upon them I was met with a quick and stern rebuff.

But over the last few centuries, woman have begun to free themselves from the role of just being incubators and are now showing themselves to be able leaders, philosophers, writers, musicians, actors and scientists. Many men, still living in a cave like a troglodyte, are having trouble accepting the fact that the old days of religious myth and its irrational constraints are not coming back. Get over it!!

Religion So Big It Must Fail

Religion has kept all people, but mostly women, chained to an albatross that denies them their basic freedom to just be a female. Even men who challenged these ideas that went against this church dogma could be severely punished. The Catholics might burn them at the stake and the Muslims even worse.

Childbirth was the responsibility of women, not just to keep the human species viable, but to keep the legacy of a man’s name in tact. Both Christians and Muslims have denied women opportunities to be educated and some have even used genital mutilation such as the removal of the clitoris to take away a females ability to enjoy sex.They had become little more than an incubator to grow a man’s child, preferably a boy. Just make babies and shut up. A female friend of mine dating a Muslim was told that the Koran says hitting a woman is OK as long as it doesn’t leave a mark the next day.

To be fair, for a long part of human history, when survival was always a challenge at best, it was necessary for a woman to bear as many children as possible. Death could come during childbirth or early in life because of disease. Age ended life as early as the mid 30’s. The mother herself would often die.

But, thanks to science, that is no longer the case and the argument to keep women chained and ignorant is no longer valid. Woman have come to recognize this and are staging a concerted effort to gain their freedom, whether it be an education, birth control by an abortion. And though religious men continue to treat women as though they are their personal possessions, women are having none of it.
In the early 70’s when I made what was pejoratively called pornography, the girls who performed weren’t coerced, but rather running away from the religion they were raised in, often Catholicism or Mormonism. Both my star in Mona and Flesh Gordon were from Mormon families. Jane Fonda subjected herself to the wrath of society when she protested the Vietnam war. Other women like a young Hillary Rodham delivered a strong condemnation of that war when she gave her commencement speech at Yale. Joan Baez did the same through folk music. Miley Cyrus refuses to be ashamed of her body or her love of sex. miley-cy

Women are still fighting for their freedom. In Arab countries the practice female mutilation still exists as shown in the picture above. In catholic countries like Poland draconian abortion laws have forced women to take the streets in protest.

In the current election taking place in the United States, thinly disguised hatred for Hillary Clinton expressed by Donald Trump and his surrogates, Rudy Juliani and Chris Christy is the height of hypocrisy. Each, has been divorced three times, Juliani even claiming that the church has forgiven his transgressions after he said three “hail Marys.”

Hillary has put her maternal instincts to the side and stayed with one man to raise their one child. Not to say that this is for everyone, but it doesn’t deserve to be ridiculed by self-centered ego maniacs. In a world beginning to teeter on the edge of oblivion, it seems more women have recognized the urgency to limit population growth than men, limiting themselves to one or two children or a pet. It’s time for religion to crawl back into the cave it emerged from many moons ago and let science try to explain how the universe works rather than their silly myths from antiquity.

Make America Great Again???

lynching-3Maybe some of you bible thumping blow hards should take a look at the following pictures before venting your anger at the “black lives matter” movement.lynching-2
The joy on the faces of the crowd is only matched by those coming from a Donald Trump ralley
How dare these ungrateful protesting “darkies” not be thankful for the wonderful opportunities that this country has bestowed upon them. Didn’t white people flock to their churches and offer 3 hail Mary’s while saying “Father forgive me for I have sinned” to erase any perceived infractions. Can there be any doubt that those “niggers” got what they deserved. What the hell do they want.

Isn’t it enough that millions of blacks have joined the “Christian” church, the same church whose leader, Jesus Christ, didn’t protest slavery but just said treat your slaves with kindness. I don’t know if he felt the same way about Jewish slaves purported to be held in Egypt although no definitive evidence that this even existed has been found. For the life of me I cannot understand why blacks have joined this church but there’s not enough space here to look into it. I understand that they are trying as best they can to live peacefully among the “superior” white race…but still.

Hasn’t America celebrated black acheivement with full applause, like when Don Immus referred to the championship women’s basketball team as a bunch of “nappy haired” whores” but then graciously appologized when his job was threatened as did Rush Limbaugh when he claimed on Monday Night Football that the only reason Donovan McNabb had the job as Philadelphia’s quarterback was because he was black. Everyone knew that both apologies were heartfelt. After all, white men are Christians.

So what if Trump questioned Obama’s citizenship or his college credentials. Who could not wonder why Trump, who is so much more articulate, would have this question. And to suggest that Obama’s moral values and 24 year marriage compares to Trump’s multiple divorces to every glamour girl he could get his hands on is absurd.

Yes, when you vote in November, keep in mind the beautiful pictures above when white folks were happy and America was great. And that applies to you ladies as well. sufferage-2Recall the time when you couldn’t vote and your husband could beat the shit out of you if you didn’t bring him his slippers when he came home drunk from the bar.sufferage-1 Oh those were the days. The days when America was great. Let’s make it that way again! Vote Trump on November 2nd.

A chicken with its head cut off

I recall how horrified I was when my grandfather took me out to a farm and I watched a turkey have its head chopped off. For a few moments it ran around with no sense of direction. That is what’s happening now, not just in America but around the world. Sadly our heads, the guiding force that keeps us on a rational path, has been religion. It tells us to bow our heads to spirits in the sky and expect them to lead us. In the last few decades that scam has been exposed. When the Russians sent a manned ‘Sputnik’ around the earth, Khrushchev satirically said we looked for god but we didn’t see him.

That satellite and those that followed opened up the cultures of the world for all to see. Beyond interesting food, houses and dances, what we began to see was irrational hatred, against other races and women in particular. The following picture was posted on the internet for the purpose of engendering hatred, but if you look closely you will see something else.muslim-girls

Yes, the girls are Muslims who don’t want to stand for the National Anthem. Their protest is somewhat misdirected but not unexpected. We are not the ones demeaning them. Shedding religious indoctrination comes hard. When I muttered to my father that I no longer believed in “god” he began to boil and said I should be horse-whipped. Only my mother saved me from a vicious beating.

But what else does that picture show? All the girls are wearing makeup and looking as attractive as they can, their smiles are enticing. They are exercising the animal impulse for a female to attract a male. But unless they want to be “horse-whipped” or worse, they will follow muslim orthodoxy. I recall the first time I used the name of the lord in vain and said “God Damn.” For a moment I shuddered expecting to be struck down by a lightning bolt. Those girls in that picture are taking a stance against ‘male’ dominated promulgation that tells them that they are inferior and must be covered. Recently in Iran, some women have taken off the hijab and adopted a dog as a pet. So far, other than a mild protest by the Imams, no radical action has been taken. The day is coming when all women will refuse to wear burkas and hijabs and casually saying “Allah Damn” will not get your head lopped off.

There are those among us currently led by Donald Trump who want us to run around the barnyard with our heads cut off. But to be fair, his argument that we don’t seem to be able to say “no” has validity. France, by banning all religious symbols, has done exactly that. But running around the barnyard with our heads cut off is not the answer. We need to support the inchoate movement by those ladies in the picture and just say no to religion. Catholics used to burn heretics at the stake and recently the Irish were blowing each other up over religion. Seeing how pointless that was, they finally stopped.

Kanye West got this right.

Much as I disagreed with Kanye West’s behaviour when Taylor Swift won her music award at the Grammy Awards I have to admire his defense of his wife Kim Kardashian appearing in the nude on her selfies without censorship bars. He said during an interview on Harper’s Bazaar “I feel like it’s a Renaissance thing,a painting,To not show it would be like Adele not singing” I’m not a Kanye West fan, far from it. At 76 years old I’m what they call on the Netflix show ‘Midsommer Murders’ an “old wrinklie,” but seeing Kim Kardashinan’ body in the nude is inspirational, it reminds me when I was young, it makes the day come alive.Isn’t fantasy what keeps us going? It’s hard for me to understand why so many people can have fantasies about spirits in the heavens but cringe at fantasies about what a woman has beneath her cloths. I think they are just too indoctrinated by religion to admit that they fantasize like everyone else.kardashian

In this absurdly religious country the myth started in the Garden of Eden where the desert god promulgates that nudity is a sin and human beings must forever after remain covered; it is not surprising that West’s remarks were met with shock and horror, as virulent as those made when Janis Jackson exposed her nipple at the Super Bowl. The voices of the ‘deplorables’ seem to get loudest over the most trivial things

Will we ever outgrow this childish behaviour. I doubt it. Most people have never gone to a nudist camp or beach, but I have. My experience left me realizing that there is nothing more boring than seeing a bunch of tits and balls bouncing up and down during a volley ball game. West hit it on the head when he says seeing Kardashiahan is like seeing a beautiful work of art. It is a rare thing and hats off to Kim for sharing it with us. Those who see shame have a problem.

Shamed for showing tits and ass

I had several topics to write about in my Shame Busters blog today but when the following story showed up on Huffington Post it rose to the top of the list.

teacher-baeA black female educator, referred to as ‘TeacherBae,’ was criticized for wearing a dress that showed off too many curves of her body. When I was four years old and living with my father’s grandparents while my mother searched for a new husband, I was enthralled by the curves her body which were amply displayed in the white knit dress she wore when she came by to make sure I was being taken care of before she went out on a date to find me a “new” father. I can only recall seeing my father once or twice so my mother was everything to me. I didn’t know why she wore that dress but I liked the way she looked when she wore it. I had no idea that she wanted to look “sexy,” I didn’t even know what sex was. I was taught that the stork brought babies and left them atop the chimney when a family wanted a baby. But the attraction of her curves never left me. I was very attracted to girls and curious about how they were different, devising little tricks to see what their “sprinklers” looked like, but this and the ignorance about why my mother had curves instilled a neurotic fear of woman that took me far into adulthood before I could come to grips with it. In fact, to some degree, it still hangs on today. It’s the underlining theme of my memoir “Take Your Shame And Shove It.”

Religion, from the time of Adam and Eve, teaches that because Eve ate an apple off of a forbidden tree, we became sinful and our bodies shameful. To please ‘the desert god’ our bodies had to be covered and women from that time on, would bear the brunt of this infraction for the rest of time. It’s why, in a strong Christian nation like America, there is so much resistance to accepting Hillary Clinton as a leader. Her ilk got us kicked out of the ‘Garden of Eden.’

It should be obvious why women have curves but to some it apparently isn’t. Why do wide curvy hips and a big fleshy butt attract human men? Other animals aren’t drawn to those unique human attributes, Like all animals, we survive by reproducing and behind that fleshy butt is an incubator filled with eggs – eggs waiting to be fertilized. All female animals give off a signal when they are ready for fertilization, in dogs it’d an odor that says I’m in heat, in some birds it’s a display of feathers. We humans are visual, and just seeing a woman’s curves sends the signal. There’s eggs in them thar hills. The big breasts say that if a child is the result, there will be plenty of food to feed it until it can provide for itself. Both men and women, but mostly men, retain this attraction for breasts long into adulthood. It was their first security blanket. That primal security never leaves. It probably explains why we call each other baby or babe. Almost all ‘pop’ music is if you think about it, a call that it’s time to fertilize.

So complaining that ‘TeacherBae’ had curves is ludicrous but humans are ludicrous even to the point of neurotic madness. Fundamental religions who thinking that finding ‘god’ is the purpose of life, cover their woman in sacks and hoods to hide their sexuality. To them the joys of life are just an obstacle put there by a devil. Currently the worse victims of this madness are the radical Islamists, but the Catholics, Hindus, Jews and Mormons and too many others to mention, are not that far behind. However, seeing how many comments were made in support of ‘TeacherBae’ shows that there is hope and we are finally headed in the right direction.