What is a hard working American?

Recently the phrase “hard-working American” has crept into the vernacular of those politicians running for public office. It is an easy way for them to show a bond with those Americans struggling to eke out an existence. Both the left and the right love this phrase.

It got me thinking, who are these hard-working American’s of whom they speak. I would suspect that they include factory workers, trades people, teachers and waitresses standing on their feet for hours, but I have personal experience that doesn’t always gel with that being the case. When I was in the carpenters union as an apprentice the workers were more than hard-working, sometimes busting their asses in 100 degree heat to get forms finished before the trucks carrying the concrete arrived, but at another job loading flats with groceries stored in an AandP warehouse to fill orders for various super markets around Boston, I was told by my steward to hold back and only fill three flats a night else management might want more for their buck. You can imagine what happened when some new kid came on the job and loaded six flats over the same time period. We were workers but not “hard” workers.

Wall street stock brokers work hard convincing an investor to put his money in a situation that is going to benefit the broker as much as the investor and sometimes more. Does that count as “hard” work or just “hard” hustling.

And then there are the clergy who for the price of a small but sometimes not so small donation, sell a fantasy to the flock that life after death is going to be abundant and happy. But the preacher fails to mention that their “hard” donations afford him an abundant life right here on earth long before death. Is this hard work or a hard con?

Is a stripper doing an 8 hour shift at a men’s club a “hard” worker. My wife did that and I know for a fact that it was hard work but I doubt that the politicians had her in mind.

And then there’s the dregs of the world, often black women who are kept out of the main stream work force and have to resort to “hard” work of a more treacherous nature. Often when I would walk down Tremont street in Boston at 2 Am after my shift at A and P ended I would see black hookers standing in the door ways to get relief from the bitter cold while they waited for a trick. Even more startling was when I ventured out into the street at 3AM during a business trip in New York to get a cup of coffee and came across a black hooker on her knees in the bitter cold in a basement apartment stairwell giving a guy a blow job. She was a “hard-working American in a most literal sense but I doubt if the politicians had her in mind while they bloviated about the plight of “hard-working Americans.

“Hard-working” may sound good from a dais but what the hell does it mean in reality?

Annie’s got a Gun so back off Pal

Donald Trump was questioned last night about his remark that “what did women expect when they demanded to sign up to serve in the military only to get raped.” It was a typical remark that could be expected from this deranged buffoon who took five deferments to avoid serving himself.

But the question needs to be asked ‘why would women want to join the military’ Beyond the simple answers that it’s a job that provides adventure and good benefits, there is a much more important reason. Women now held important positions in government on all levels, but realized that unless they were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice, that being putting their lives on the line to serve their country, they could never expect equal footing. ‘Stay back little lady, this is man’s work and you’ll just get in the way’ was the implicit unsaid position of most men in this country. Too a large extent it still is. That doesn’t mean that all women have to serve, but those who want to have that right jus”t like the men. And if a draft is reinstated they are going to have to be willing to serve along with the men. It’s the price for equality and they are doing it. Who is so callous, and there are some, to say that Tammy Duckworth, who lost her legs in Vietnam isn’t fully afforded any and all rights given to a man. She is a poignant symbol for women that they deserve every bit the same respect as men do in this country, including being President.

Now let’s take a look at Trumps remarks about rape. His point was that men get horny and sometimes can’t control themselves when they see a women. That may be true but you would hope that America’s finest could satisfy themselves short of rape. Masturbation isn’t a sin and it’s not shameful. But sex is looked down upon in this country and most “good” people think repression is the solution. It is not the answer. Thousands of cases of rape clearly state this. Throughout history, including our own, Armies were followed by a small army of prostitutes willing to service the boys when they were in need. In fact the term ‘Hooker’ describes the ladies who followed General Hookers army during the civil war. But the good church people saw these sex workers as sinners, sluts if you may. Sex was only to make babies and even then it was disgusting, only to be done in the standard ‘missionary’ position and in the dark. Lord Jesus was born without the necessity of filthy sex, i.e. the virgin Mary.

I can’t see any sensible solutions to the problem of rape in the military anytime soon, American’s like Trump will continue to say that female troops should just expect it. What an asshole!

Where was Mom?

Looking for an answer to why Hillary Clinton and females in general are so maligned in most of the world’s cultures seems to always lead me to religion. Yet men always look to mom when they get into trouble. So what’s going on here?

The religions I am most familiar with worship what writer/philosopher Richard Rodriguez calls the desert god; the god of Christians, Muslims and Jews.
The advocates of this desert god go beyond the fact that he created heaven and earth, light and dark, but also had surrogates like Jesus and Mohammed who existed in bodies that were beyond human. Jesus walked on water, a common mirage in the desert, and Mohammed rode his white steed up into the clouds, a claim made after his horse stumbled while trying to leap across a tall bush or wide gully.

Today both of those miracles would have been captured on an i phone which would have proven them false. Even the long lives of biblical characters like Noah, 920 years, fall apart when one realizes that time was measured in “moons” before it was understood that the earth took a year to revolve around the sun. !2 moons a year translate to Noah living to be 77 years old. This desert god seemed to have little respect for women. In the case of the Christians he sent his only son to be sacrificed without even having the decency to ask his wife if it was OK with her, in fact, he doesn’t even acknowledge having a wife. And only one son? Was he impotent or using birth control? And why was he so proud of having a son. Didn’t daughters mean anything to him. As far as women on earth were concerned this desert god said they were the property of men and could be sold and traded for a cow if need be.

The desert god was an ego maniac and a male: the Donald Trump of his day. When people pray they pray to “Our father who art in heaven.” Hallow is his name and must not be used in vain. Why not? Even though people like Pat Robertson tell us that the floods in New Orleans were because of a gay parade which god didn’t like he had no explanation what the people of Baton Rouge did to deserve his anger. Fact be, the desert god doesn’t show up when you need him.

Then he conveniently blames Eve for being weak and eating an apple off of some damn tree. Donald Trump falls back on this to call Hillary Clinton too weak to be a leader. Surprisingly, some of his most ardent supporters are women, mostly older, who grew up being told that they were only to make babies and serve their man. Many had an irrational fear of black men. It was common for me to hear porn models in 1970 tell me they don’t fuck “niggers or dogs.” The hatred for Hillary as espoused on Facebook is alarming. She’s no saint but no leader anywhere has been. George Bush lied and so did Kennedy and Nixon. Being a woman is held against her and women frighten men. Making porn movies taught me a lot about the sexes. Women were much more comfortable about their bodies and sex than men were. Hugging each other was not a problem. Men on the other hand boasted a lot but often struggled to get an erection. There is more than I can talk about in this brief post and for those who want to learn more they can read my memoir, TAKE YOUR SHAME AND SHOVE IT, available on Amazon.com. It is about my own struggle to climb from beneath the blanket of guilt and doubt that religion had placed me under.

Women around the world, thanks in large part to the internet, are now seeing that their sisters around the world are rebelling and question why they are second class humans. Young Muslim women are burning the hijab and removing the head scarf and insisting on the right to drive a car. I, like all men, have had many issues with girls and many have had issues with me, but I totally support their effort to free themselves from that ego maniac who is in heaven. Our world cannot hope to overcome its problems until this is done.

Black and the “empty doom”

As a youngster living in Evansville, Indiana, I looked forward going to the local theater each week more so to see the week’s serial episode of Superman vs.the Atom man than seeing the feature movie. It was about week 13 when Lex Luther was about to send Superman into the “empty doom”.No clue had been given in previous weeks as to what this horrible fate was and I looked with great anticipation of finding out. To get to the theater I had to take a city bus but woefully they went on strike earlier in the week. What a bummer. But then at 10AM on Saturday it was announced on radio that the strike was over and buses would again be running, I sprinted the two blocks to the corner and arrived just in time to hop on the first bus that came by which would get me to the theater just in time to catch the Superman episode. As it turned out the “empty doom” wasn’t very scary but at least my curiosity had been satisfied.

Religion uses its own version of “the empty doom” to keep us held in its grips and they don’t tell us its fantasy. The bible tells us in Isaiah 45 verse 7 “I form the light and create darkness”.This obsession with darkness explains why the “holy ones” are infatuated with black, in their clothing and demeanor. It was why Christians were thrown to the lions in Nero’s time. They were downers and party spoilers. When I was living in Boston while attending MIT, it was forbidden by the Catholic church to play music in public places before 1PM. Sunday morning was a time for solemnity and joy was forbidden.

Human females, who are by nature the joyful members of our species, have taken, over the millenniums, the brunt of this dour environment, most notably in fundamental branches of the Muslim community but to some degree in all religions.

We now know, or should know, that there is no “empty doom” and allowing ourselves to be intimidated by threats from black shrouded idiots to be sent there if we don’t fall in line, especially sexually, is madness. As the French say “Thank heaven for little girls”, for without them what would little boys be?” Though it took me many years to crawl from under the dark shadow of religion, when I did I made every effort to live life at it’s fullest while I was healthy and alive. They can take their shame and shove it. It wasn’t for me. That’s why I have no fear of death.

The ladies have had enough

go toplessLast Sunday, a large group of women protested at Venice Beach in Los Angeles against laws forbidding them to go topless on the beach. Being a Puritan country at heart, it shouldn’t be a surprise that in the early 30’s men were not allowed to go topless as well. It was only after Johnny Weissmuller in the role of Tarzan flaunted the censorial Hays commission and bared his chest that men began going topless on the beach. A few years later Clark Gable did the same. The ladies loved it but their mammary glands continued to be considered indecent and had to be hidden even when they are being used to nurse her baby.In the 50’s even burlesque queens had to cover their nipples with pasties.

What is hidden and mysterious causes wonder and American men in particular are fascinated by women’s breasts. Maybe its a latent memory back to infancy when they were weaned on breast milk, but millions of American men go bonkers when they see a woman’s breasts. Russ Meyer made a whole career around movies of big breasted women. I have had friends who would jump out of their seats if a woman with large breasts walked by the window while we sat at Starbucks having a coffee.

Truth be told, they are soft and pleasing to the touch on a young woman, but after they begin to sag from age they are not that appealing. Thanks to the bra, women can continue to use them as an attractive force to lure males who still have fantasies about what they can’t see, but going to the beach and being required to wear a bra that remains wet and uncomfortable after coming out of the water just seems stupid.

Women have begun to rebel against these stupid laws that are hangovers from the days of the Puritans. When European explores began to conquer the new worlds, one of the first things they did was make native women cover their breasts. This last Sunday at Los Angeles’s famous Venice Beach, a large group of women staged a topless protest. Police surrounded them in case a few barbarians in the crowd of on-lookers tried to touch the girls, but most people walked by giving the demonstration little more than a perfunctory glance.

It was no surprise, that the loudest and most obscene display against the girls came from religious fanatics still hanging on to the myth that Adam and Eve were cast out of the Garden of Eden because Eve ate a forbidden apple. From that time on breasts had to be covered. Are we insane or what? God and tits

Politically correct censorship comes to an end at University of Chicago

What a joy to read in the New York Times that the University of Chicago was banning political correctness. This has been a long time coming and as stated in the article the so-called left is more at fault than the so-called right. Let me give you some examples.

When I first arrived at MIT in 1958 the buzz around campus was that an issue of its humor magazine, Voodoo, had been pulled from the racks by the school’s administration. I had learned during the first week of school that MIT men,like all young men, were horn dogs. The staff of Voodoo (VD) ran a promotional humor piece called give VD to your girl friend. A copy was stashed away in the libraries rare book collection and as a student library assistant, I had a key to the room. There was no honor in censorship so I removed it and brought it back into the light to the small library of my fraternity house, Theta Xi, where it hopefully remains today. Censorship was anathema to me.

But when I left school to join the free love and speech movement in Berkeley in 1962 I was again treated to a surprise. I had become part owner of a folk music club called the Cabal but my appearance was just that of another no name beatnik hanging around the scene. I was standing in front of the campus by Sater Gate when a “true believer” young radical was complaining to a friend that the Cabal didn’t hire union help. Rolf Cahn, a refugee from Nazi Germany and well-known jewish folk musician who had been married to Barbara Dane was the force behind the club and a former member of the Woody Guthrie wing of the folk movement, said by many to be communist. The young radical was loudly protesting to his friend that if “Rolf Cahn was a real liberal he would be paying union wages” Rolf liked to say that “do gooders” cause all the problems in the world. The loud radical had no idea that I was the cheap laborer that kept the club operating, taking twenty-five dollars a week in salary and sleeping on a dirty mattress in the back room. That the Cabal hired musicians like Mance Lipscomb and Mississippi John Hurt,both former share croppers, paying them the entire gate for their services was conveniently, because of ignorance, glossed over by the leftist agitator.

Moving on, ten years later I was living in Los Angeles where I had become one of the pioneers of the sexual freedom movement when I began making “beaver” movies, 400 foot silent 16mm movies of a cute girl disrobing and gyrating provocatively on a bed. My movies became instantly popular, American men were fed up with censorship and the women who performed were as well. My “loops” as they were called were soon playing across the country. Beavers morphed into porn and the censorship police were soon on my tail, trumping up charges and lying in court to take me off the streets. DA’s and judges joined in the charade. It’s a long story but let me finish by saying the “left” leaning LA Times was no friend. My partner and I were becoming financially very successful and I agreed when asked to do an interview with a writer from the Times who promised to be fair. Her salient comment in the article when it came out was not about sexual freedom but that my camera cost ten thousand dollars.

Several years later the LA Times became so “politically correct” that they published a list of words that would no longer be used like “undocumented” to replace “illegal”. But was most galling to me was when in 1993 I tried to place an ad in the paper promoting my sequel to “Flesh Gordon” an “R” rated film called “Flesh Gordon Meets the Cosmic Cheerleaders,” the Times would not accept any visuals and only the word “gordon” in 8 point type in the theater listing section. The word “flesh” was a no-no.

So it is a relief that some are beginning to see that stifling free speech is un American, whether it be about sex or voices on the campus protesting Israels brutal treatment of the Palestinian refugees. They are called refugees because they were forcibly removed from their homes during the 1949 war and had nowhere to go. It is only recently that American’s are having the courage to talk freely about that situation in the press and on campuses. That is what caused the University of Chicago to say enough is enough.

Lastly I would be remiss in not pointing out that no literary agent would handle my memoir, Take Your Shame And Shove It, or my local paper “The Malibu Times”, because they assumed it was all about sex. In fact it is about over coming intolerance whether it be racial, political, religious or sexual. I still abhor censorship and hypocrisy and intend to carry on the fight to my end.

Shaming the Shamers

How many times is Hillary Clinton, Rachel Maddow and Chris Mathews going to sit silent in the face of religious shaming of women. Muslims, Catholics, Orthodox Jews, Mormons, Hindus and Evangelicals – they all do it! Why is it that only comedians like Sarah Silverman, John Oliver, Amy Schummer, John Stewart, Bill Maher, Samantha Bee and Trevor Nohah have the gumption to speak out against this repulsive behavior from the religious zealots. The mousey protests of establishment politicians and pundits is enough to make one scream. Hillary wears a scarf when visiting Saudi Arabia but does not call for all women in this country to remove any symbols of inferiority imposed upon them by ancient religious customs when they are in America. Why the fear. Religious intolerance is not American

Only France – yes France – always criticized for being cowardly – has had the spine to speak loud and clear that religious persecution of the hoi poli will not be tolerated. No burkas, hijabs, Crosses, Skull caps, Stars of David or turbans are tolerated.

Religion has always been sexist and racist. Women brought shame to humans in the garden of Eden and needed to pay a price. Being black is the curse of Ham, a retribution against Nohah. Slavery was justified by the bible. Pat Robertson attributes the floods in New Orleans to God’s anger about homosexuality. But like it or not the world evolves. When is this lunacy going to end? The time to shame the shamers has come.

Feminists vs Chavinists

An article about actress Natalie Portman – Star Wars, The Avengers among others,LA Times 8/14/16, quotes her as saying “We have such discomfort in this country with women’s desire – for sex, for food, for anything. In France women’s sexuality is much more open…desiring men – or women – desiring pleasure – is much more open. Her point was to explain why there are so few women directors in America. I can personally attest to sexuality in France, it’s where I discovered mine when I was taken to the Follies Bergere while still a Freshman in high school at a time when I had yet to experience a hard on. I left the show with one that wouldn’t go down for three hours.

The article got me thinking about why there is so much hatred – yes hatred – between the sexes. It’s not just in America, it’s in many place around the world. It is no secret that women have something that men want but can only dole it out on a very limited basis. When men can’t get what they want they become angry and even violent. Most harmful is that religion has turned women into possessions to do as men desire. Men willing accepted this role of master. They became chauvinists. In the bedroom women were expected to initiate sex by offering a blow job and little reciprocation was expected. Thanks to modern electronic media, women began to see the fallacy of these roles that they had been forced to agree to and began to demand equal treatment. They were not possessions and deserved equal treatment, especially in the bedroom by expecting ample cunnilingus to enhance their arousal. They became feminists.

Women always knew that men think with their dicks and have alway known how to exploit it but sharing power has come hard. The reaction from men has been what could be expected. Their property was being taken away. Some cultures like those in the middle east covered women up from head to toe to keep them invisible. Others broke the bones in their feet so they could be bound and made immobile, rendering them servile and essentially helpless. In America opportunities were simply denied. Stay in the kitchen and don’t bother yourself with science or politics and as is the case Natalie Portman describes, in the film industry. The French have a long history of enjoying women’s femininity. Benjamin Franklin almost refused to leave Paris when he was an ambassador there. Women there have a long history of making contributions to society.

But men have suffered as well from religious puritanical dogma. The idea that sexual urges in a man can be repressed by godly edicts like those in the 10 commandments is ludicrous. When a man gets a hard on he has to either find sex or masturbate, usually the latter. But religion makes even spilling seed a sin – the sin of Onan. Repression leads to neurotic behaviour, sometimes brutal and criminal. Again the French seem to be far advanced when it comes to recognizing a man’s needs. A man having a mistress or visiting a prostitute is not frowned upon nor is a woman becoming a leader of state or a director. A woman can become a courtesan or a prostitute without a pimp. Not so in America

The idea of possession dies hard but is not impossible. I have lived in an open marriage for 45 years and though it had many rough spots along the way, I would not change a thing. I tell the story in detail in my memoir “Take Your Shame And Shove It.” I have to believe that Natalie Portman and Hillary Clinton feel the same way. Hillary allowed Bill his freedom. There is nothing more precious than a mind free to pursue the joys of life however it sees fit.

The Tyranny of Symbols

All symbols are meant to express superiority, from political, religious, sports, music genres. They all say my side is better than your side. If I wear a Green Bay Packers tee-shirt it’s because I want people to know that I consider them to be a superior team and by associating myself with the brand that I am also a superior being. This is just harmless nonsense – not the case when it comes to religion where the battle between gods takes place. In almost all cases, those who refuse to wear a religion’s symbol of supremacy are deemed to be heretics and depending at one time in history the infraction occurs, might have to be put to death by some ghastly means like stoning or immolation.

Since the advent of the scientific method where a thesis like the existence of a god has to be proven by verifiable experimentation, most sane people either no longer believe in gods or at least have serious doubts; but those who still cling to the tyranny of religious thought are inclined to put irrational demands on other members of the tribe, most notably women. Women who resist are called witches or possessed. Those who just go along accept not being worthy of being taken seriously and agree to stay quiet and obey their male master.

That is what we are seeing today in the U.S. Presidential race where zealots are unable to accept a woman as the country’s leader. That millions of women, mostly older, go along with the zealots only shows how hard it is to break with tradition. The first time I used the name of the Lord in vain by saying “God Damn” I literally shook.

Those who say that Muslim women want to wear the hijab can only look as far as an article in the LA Times which described the joy of a woman living in a town in Syria just freed from ISIS. She ripped off her hijab and burned it.

I know now is not the time for Hillary and women in the liberal media to take up the cause of liberating women from religious tyranny, but to accede to a practice that most American women find disgusting is not a message she needs to make. It’s like saying as long as you don’t beat your slave too harshly its OK. She will not lose votes if she takes a stand for women. Trumps voters already hate her just because she is a woman.

Alpha Dogs

An alpha dog is the pack leader, all packs, including human packs, are led by an alpha dog. Not everyone can be an alpha dog. It’s a special gift not limited to males. I could never be an alpha dog on a national scale and only intermittently in my own home, but Hillary Clinton can. She has the charisma and energy to attract millions of followers. Donald Trumps wants to be an alpha dog but is so fragile and unpredictable that his leadership could be disastrous which brings me to the point…All our pack can hope for is that our alpha dog doesn’t lead us over the edge of the cliff, like
W almost did.

All alpha dogs make grandiose promises. Politicians promise a chicken-in-every-pot and religious gurus promise an eternal life of happiness after death or the opposite if you don’t believe their dogma. Both are well paid for passing on their putative wisdom but few if any of the promises become a reality. In a world of billions of people living on a planet with diminishing resources, how could they. Even more naive is to think that some “dude” knows about life after death.

The promises have to be taken with a grain of salt but all packs still need an alpha dog lest they run wild in the street. That is already happening, even in the USA. Hillary will try her best. At a minimum she will take the shackles of religious shame off the legs of women to allow them to take a fresh look at the world they live in. Some will be successful; others will be failures and corrupt…just like the men. But the way I see it, women seem to be much wiser when it comes to controlling the size of their families. They have ameliorated their maternal instincts by taking care animals who are struggling for survival because of human population explosion.
She will have plenty of unavoidable failures, but I think her experience with the Iraq vote will prevent her from leading us over the edge…let us at least hope so.