My Memoir

It’s fantastic to get all this information on Howard and his films when so little was known about him just a while ago; I also say that it’s a pity he’s never received the recognition that others got (like Damiano or Metzger). Apart from Howard’s life story and all the interesting anecdotes, the book serves as a fascinating portrait of an era that brought immense social and moral changes.                                                                Wilsons Dachboden – a German-language blog

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Howard Ziehm’s life is the stuff of legend. He is an MIT whizz kid, folk music-loving hippie, and sexual outlaw, who was instrumental in the invention of the pornographic film industry.Here is the unvarnished story of a rebellious pioneer who helped write the A chapter of the history of the sexual revolution.It’s a high-def, high velocity portrait of the era when the air was clean but sex was dirty.It is a raw tale from deep inside the countercultural maelstrom when sex films swept like a tsunami across the country.It’s compelling, sleazy, appalling, insightful, action-packed, unflinching and funny.It’s nothing short of captivating 

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