Flesh Gordon

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Flesh Gordon was conceived in 1972 as a twenty-five thousand dollar porn movie. After its negative was confiscated by the LA vice, it was finished three years later as a soft X movie and continues to play forty years later due in large part to its monsters. Little known is the fact that although most of its effects were done using traditional miniature and puppet animation techniques, thanks to the pioneering efforts of Dennis Muren (Electric Light and Magic), it was the first movie to incorporate a scene, the flight of the Queen Amora Swan Ship, to use computer animation.It also has the world’s first talking monster, the hilarious monster of death.  In 1993 a sequel, Flesh Gordon meets the Cosmic Cheerleaders was released. My special effects team went on to win several academy awards including for their work on Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark and Close Encounters. The complete story of making the film is a large part of my memoir

Both films are available on Amazon.com and Barnesand Nobel.com