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Annie’s got a Gun so back off Pal

Donald Trump was questioned last night about his remark that “what did women expect when they demanded to sign up to serve in the military only to get raped.” It was a typical remark that could be expected from this deranged buffoon who took five deferments to avoid serving himself.

But the question needs to be asked ‘why would women want to join the military’ Beyond the simple answers that it’s a job that provides adventure and good benefits, there is a much more important reason. Women now held important positions in government on all levels, but realized that unless they were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice, that being putting their lives on the line to serve their country, they could never expect equal footing. ‘Stay back little lady, this is man’s work and you’ll just get in the way’ was the implicit unsaid position of most men in this country. Too a large extent it still is. That doesn’t mean that all women have to serve, but those who want to have that right jus”t like the men. And if a draft is reinstated they are going to have to be willing to serve along with the men. It’s the price for equality and they are doing it. Who is so callous, and there are some, to say that Tammy Duckworth, who lost her legs in Vietnam isn’t fully afforded any and all rights given to a man. She is a poignant symbol for women that they deserve every bit the same respect as men do in this country, including being President.

Now let’s take a look at Trumps remarks about rape. His point was that men get horny and sometimes can’t control themselves when they see a women. That may be true but you would hope that America’s finest could satisfy themselves short of rape. Masturbation isn’t a sin and it’s not shameful. But sex is looked down upon in this country and most “good” people think repression is the solution. It is not the answer. Thousands of cases of rape clearly state this. Throughout history, including our own, Armies were followed by a small army of prostitutes willing to service the boys when they were in need. In fact the term ‘Hooker’ describes the ladies who followed General Hookers army during the civil war. But the good church people saw these sex workers as sinners, sluts if you may. Sex was only to make babies and even then it was disgusting, only to be done in the standard ‘missionary’ position and in the dark. Lord Jesus was born without the necessity of filthy sex, i.e. the virgin Mary.

I can’t see any sensible solutions to the problem of rape in the military anytime soon, American’s like Trump will continue to say that female troops should just expect it. What an asshole!

Where was Mom?

Looking for an answer to why Hillary Clinton and females in general are so maligned in most of the world’s cultures seems to always lead me to religion. Yet men always look to mom when they get into trouble. So what’s going on here?

The religions I am most familiar with worship what writer/philosopher Richard Rodriguez calls the desert god; the god of Christians, Muslims and Jews.
The advocates of this desert god go beyond the fact that he created heaven and earth, light and dark, but also had surrogates like Jesus and Mohammed who existed in bodies that were beyond human. Jesus walked on water, a common mirage in the desert, and Mohammed rode his white steed up into the clouds, a claim made after his horse stumbled while trying to leap across a tall bush or wide gully.

Today both of those miracles would have been captured on an i phone which would have proven them false. Even the long lives of biblical characters like Noah, 920 years, fall apart when one realizes that time was measured in “moons” before it was understood that the earth took a year to revolve around the sun. !2 moons a year translate to Noah living to be 77 years old. This desert god seemed to have little respect for women. In the case of the Christians he sent his only son to be sacrificed without even having the decency to ask his wife if it was OK with her, in fact, he doesn’t even acknowledge having a wife. And only one son? Was he impotent or using birth control? And why was he so proud of having a son. Didn’t daughters mean anything to him. As far as women on earth were concerned this desert god said they were the property of men and could be sold and traded for a cow if need be.

The desert god was an ego maniac and a male: the Donald Trump of his day. When people pray they pray to “Our father who art in heaven.” Hallow is his name and must not be used in vain. Why not? Even though people like Pat Robertson tell us that the floods in New Orleans were because of a gay parade which god didn’t like he had no explanation what the people of Baton Rouge did to deserve his anger. Fact be, the desert god doesn’t show up when you need him.

Then he conveniently blames Eve for being weak and eating an apple off of some damn tree. Donald Trump falls back on this to call Hillary Clinton too weak to be a leader. Surprisingly, some of his most ardent supporters are women, mostly older, who grew up being told that they were only to make babies and serve their man. Many had an irrational fear of black men. It was common for me to hear porn models in 1970 tell me they don’t fuck “niggers or dogs.” The hatred for Hillary as espoused on Facebook is alarming. She’s no saint but no leader anywhere has been. George Bush lied and so did Kennedy and Nixon. Being a woman is held against her and women frighten men. Making porn movies taught me a lot about the sexes. Women were much more comfortable about their bodies and sex than men were. Hugging each other was not a problem. Men on the other hand boasted a lot but often struggled to get an erection. There is more than I can talk about in this brief post and for those who want to learn more they can read my memoir, TAKE YOUR SHAME AND SHOVE IT, available on Amazon.com. It is about my own struggle to climb from beneath the blanket of guilt and doubt that religion had placed me under.

Women around the world, thanks in large part to the internet, are now seeing that their sisters around the world are rebelling and question why they are second class humans. Young Muslim women are burning the hijab and removing the head scarf and insisting on the right to drive a car. I, like all men, have had many issues with girls and many have had issues with me, but I totally support their effort to free themselves from that ego maniac who is in heaven. Our world cannot hope to overcome its problems until this is done.