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The lies about sexual exploitation

Have you ever heard of the Happy Hooker, the best selling 1971 memoir by Xaveria Hollander. According to most voices in America, especially those from the religious right, a hooker can’t be happy, she is being sexually exploited. She would be much happier if she were married and baking cookies and having babies, something Hillary Clinton received much disdain for saying she wouldn’t do that when she first became First Lady. They say a woman’s role, if she wants to work, is sit at a desk in a receptionist’s office or to work for Roger Ailes and accept that part of the job is to quietly agree to his sexual advances. Other women work for free as cheerleaders for NFL teams but are denied jobs as coaches or referees although recently that has begun to change.

Women’s sexuality has been endowed to them by nature and it’s their right to exploit that valuable attribute if they choose. Unfortunately, in far too many cases, men, i.e. pimps, move in to take control and hoard most of the money. Not so in Holland which until recently had a flourishing red light district where a woman could sell her favors without a pimp lurking in the shadows. We don’t tell a male blessed with tremendous ability to catch or throw a ball or play a guitar that he would be better off working as an accountant, lawyer or ditch digger. If he is blessed with talent we offer him significant amounts of money to show off his blessing.

The idea that women who sell sex are being exploited is a myth. I have known countless women, including my wife, who enjoyed working as strippers or my girl friend who worked as a call girl while getting her law degree. I describe in my memoir #TakeYourShameAndShoveIt, many of the details of these encounters There are 14,000 women now working as cam girls. They choose their own hours and choices of what they want to do in their rooms. Most are exceptionally beautiful and many reveal in their chats how much they enjoy their work. Here is a connection to a Youtube video by an Amsterdam red light prostitute that will enlighten you.

Oddly enough, the most radical of religious zealots, describe how their suicide assassins will be rewarded with 80 female slaves to use as they wish in the after life. Meanwhile on earth these same zealots treat women with disdain and hatred, murdering them if they stray from the religious dogma. Go figure.