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Woman are more than Just Incubators !!

That is not to imply that they are not incubators. In fact they are very attractive incubators. Four million years of evolution has made them that way to keep our species viable. But they also have brains, brains every bit as good as a man’s.

Largely because of male centric gods, including the desert god of Abraham, women have been restricted to the role of being an incubator for a man, usually the possession of a single man to produce him children, preferably males, to carry on the family name. In the past and still in the present in some tribes, a woman can be traded to another man for a cow. The man can divorce his woman and take in a younger woman still at the peak of her child-bearing years. This practice has only been made more equitable in recent years. Older woman are often moved to a back room or out of the house and made to fend for themselves.

Recognizing that the sexual attraction that human females have is visual, some religions have attempted to stamp down that allure with laws or demands that the female attire herself in ways that hide her essence from the light of day. The worse of these efforts are made by the radical believers in Islam but radical believers in Judaism, Christianity and Mormonism are not far behind. The burka is outright frightening and some Islamists practice genital mutilation to remove any sexual drive a female might have to keep her under wraps.Some orthodox Jews put a sheet between their bodies with only a small hole cut to allow the male penis to enter the female.

That females are inclined to exhibit their charms is a given and their lure can be overwhelming, but it is also a given that they do not want to be attacked or groped. This was a lesson I learned early on when I began my career as an adult film maker, what is derisively called a pornographer. My models were more often that not refugees from the restraints of religion dogma that had taught them to be ashamed of their bodies. They were more than pleased to work for me using their bodies to tease or indulge in sex, sometimes extreme or painful, but only with their consent. If I attempted to impose myself upon them I was met with a quick and stern rebuff.

But over the last few centuries, woman have begun to free themselves from the role of just being incubators and are now showing themselves to be able leaders, philosophers, writers, musicians, actors and scientists. Many men, still living in a cave like a troglodyte, are having trouble accepting the fact that the old days of religious myth and its irrational constraints are not coming back. Get over it!!

Religion So Big It Must Fail

Religion has kept all people, but mostly women, chained to an albatross that denies them their basic freedom to just be a female. Even men who challenged these ideas that went against this church dogma could be severely punished. The Catholics might burn them at the stake and the Muslims even worse.

Childbirth was the responsibility of women, not just to keep the human species viable, but to keep the legacy of a man’s name in tact. Both Christians and Muslims have denied women opportunities to be educated and some have even used genital mutilation such as the removal of the clitoris to take away a females ability to enjoy sex.They had become little more than an incubator to grow a man’s child, preferably a boy. Just make babies and shut up. A female friend of mine dating a Muslim was told that the Koran says hitting a woman is OK as long as it doesn’t leave a mark the next day.

To be fair, for a long part of human history, when survival was always a challenge at best, it was necessary for a woman to bear as many children as possible. Death could come during childbirth or early in life because of disease. Age ended life as early as the mid 30’s. The mother herself would often die.

But, thanks to science, that is no longer the case and the argument to keep women chained and ignorant is no longer valid. Woman have come to recognize this and are staging a concerted effort to gain their freedom, whether it be an education, birth control by an abortion. And though religious men continue to treat women as though they are their personal possessions, women are having none of it.
In the early 70’s when I made what was pejoratively called pornography, the girls who performed weren’t coerced, but rather running away from the religion they were raised in, often Catholicism or Mormonism. Both my star in Mona and Flesh Gordon were from Mormon families. Jane Fonda subjected herself to the wrath of society when she protested the Vietnam war. Other women like a young Hillary Rodham delivered a strong condemnation of that war when she gave her commencement speech at Yale. Joan Baez did the same through folk music. Miley Cyrus refuses to be ashamed of her body or her love of sex. miley-cy

Women are still fighting for their freedom. In Arab countries the practice female mutilation still exists as shown in the picture above. In catholic countries like Poland draconian abortion laws have forced women to take the streets in protest.

In the current election taking place in the United States, thinly disguised hatred for Hillary Clinton expressed by Donald Trump and his surrogates, Rudy Juliani and Chris Christy is the height of hypocrisy. Each, has been divorced three times, Juliani even claiming that the church has forgiven his transgressions after he said three “hail Marys.”

Hillary has put her maternal instincts to the side and stayed with one man to raise their one child. Not to say that this is for everyone, but it doesn’t deserve to be ridiculed by self-centered ego maniacs. In a world beginning to teeter on the edge of oblivion, it seems more women have recognized the urgency to limit population growth than men, limiting themselves to one or two children or a pet. It’s time for religion to crawl back into the cave it emerged from many moons ago and let science try to explain how the universe works rather than their silly myths from antiquity.

Politically correct censorship comes to an end at University of Chicago

What a joy to read in the New York Times that the University of Chicago was banning political correctness. This has been a long time coming and as stated in the article the so-called left is more at fault than the so-called right. Let me give you some examples.

When I first arrived at MIT in 1958 the buzz around campus was that an issue of its humor magazine, Voodoo, had been pulled from the racks by the school’s administration. I had learned during the first week of school that MIT men,like all young men, were horn dogs. The staff of Voodoo (VD) ran a promotional humor piece called give VD to your girl friend. A copy was stashed away in the libraries rare book collection and as a student library assistant, I had a key to the room. There was no honor in censorship so I removed it and brought it back into the light to the small library of my fraternity house, Theta Xi, where it hopefully remains today. Censorship was anathema to me.

But when I left school to join the free love and speech movement in Berkeley in 1962 I was again treated to a surprise. I had become part owner of a folk music club called the Cabal but my appearance was just that of another no name beatnik hanging around the scene. I was standing in front of the campus by Sater Gate when a “true believer” young radical was complaining to a friend that the Cabal didn’t hire union help. Rolf Cahn, a refugee from Nazi Germany and well-known jewish folk musician who had been married to Barbara Dane was the force behind the club and a former member of the Woody Guthrie wing of the folk movement, said by many to be communist. The young radical was loudly protesting to his friend that if “Rolf Cahn was a real liberal he would be paying union wages” Rolf liked to say that “do gooders” cause all the problems in the world. The loud radical had no idea that I was the cheap laborer that kept the club operating, taking twenty-five dollars a week in salary and sleeping on a dirty mattress in the back room. That the Cabal hired musicians like Mance Lipscomb and Mississippi John Hurt,both former share croppers, paying them the entire gate for their services was conveniently, because of ignorance, glossed over by the leftist agitator.

Moving on, ten years later I was living in Los Angeles where I had become one of the pioneers of the sexual freedom movement when I began making “beaver” movies, 400 foot silent 16mm movies of a cute girl disrobing and gyrating provocatively on a bed. My movies became instantly popular, American men were fed up with censorship and the women who performed were as well. My “loops” as they were called were soon playing across the country. Beavers morphed into porn and the censorship police were soon on my tail, trumping up charges and lying in court to take me off the streets. DA’s and judges joined in the charade. It’s a long story but let me finish by saying the “left” leaning LA Times was no friend. My partner and I were becoming financially very successful and I agreed when asked to do an interview with a writer from the Times who promised to be fair. Her salient comment in the article when it came out was not about sexual freedom but that my camera cost ten thousand dollars.

Several years later the LA Times became so “politically correct” that they published a list of words that would no longer be used like “undocumented” to replace “illegal”. But was most galling to me was when in 1993 I tried to place an ad in the paper promoting my sequel to “Flesh Gordon” an “R” rated film called “Flesh Gordon Meets the Cosmic Cheerleaders,” the Times would not accept any visuals and only the word “gordon” in 8 point type in the theater listing section. The word “flesh” was a no-no.

So it is a relief that some are beginning to see that stifling free speech is un American, whether it be about sex or voices on the campus protesting Israels brutal treatment of the Palestinian refugees. They are called refugees because they were forcibly removed from their homes during the 1949 war and had nowhere to go. It is only recently that American’s are having the courage to talk freely about that situation in the press and on campuses. That is what caused the University of Chicago to say enough is enough.

Lastly I would be remiss in not pointing out that no literary agent would handle my memoir, Take Your Shame And Shove It, or my local paper “The Malibu Times”, because they assumed it was all about sex. In fact it is about over coming intolerance whether it be racial, political, religious or sexual. I still abhor censorship and hypocrisy and intend to carry on the fight to my end.