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Religion So Big It Must Fail

Religion has kept all people, but mostly women, chained to an albatross that denies them their basic freedom to just be a female. Even men who challenged these ideas that went against this church dogma could be severely punished. The Catholics might burn them at the stake and the Muslims even worse.

Childbirth was the responsibility of women, not just to keep the human species viable, but to keep the legacy of a man’s name in tact. Both Christians and Muslims have denied women opportunities to be educated and some have even used genital mutilation such as the removal of the clitoris to take away a females ability to enjoy sex.They had become little more than an incubator to grow a man’s child, preferably a boy. Just make babies and shut up. A female friend of mine dating a Muslim was told that the Koran says hitting a woman is OK as long as it doesn’t leave a mark the next day.

To be fair, for a long part of human history, when survival was always a challenge at best, it was necessary for a woman to bear as many children as possible. Death could come during childbirth or early in life because of disease. Age ended life as early as the mid 30’s. The mother herself would often die.

But, thanks to science, that is no longer the case and the argument to keep women chained and ignorant is no longer valid. Woman have come to recognize this and are staging a concerted effort to gain their freedom, whether it be an education, birth control by an abortion. And though religious men continue to treat women as though they are their personal possessions, women are having none of it.
In the early 70’s when I made what was pejoratively called pornography, the girls who performed weren’t coerced, but rather running away from the religion they were raised in, often Catholicism or Mormonism. Both my star in Mona and Flesh Gordon were from Mormon families. Jane Fonda subjected herself to the wrath of society when she protested the Vietnam war. Other women like a young Hillary Rodham delivered a strong condemnation of that war when she gave her commencement speech at Yale. Joan Baez did the same through folk music. Miley Cyrus refuses to be ashamed of her body or her love of sex. miley-cy

Women are still fighting for their freedom. In Arab countries the practice female mutilation still exists as shown in the picture above. In catholic countries like Poland draconian abortion laws have forced women to take the streets in protest.

In the current election taking place in the United States, thinly disguised hatred for Hillary Clinton expressed by Donald Trump and his surrogates, Rudy Juliani and Chris Christy is the height of hypocrisy. Each, has been divorced three times, Juliani even claiming that the church has forgiven his transgressions after he said three “hail Marys.”

Hillary has put her maternal instincts to the side and stayed with one man to raise their one child. Not to say that this is for everyone, but it doesn’t deserve to be ridiculed by self-centered ego maniacs. In a world beginning to teeter on the edge of oblivion, it seems more women have recognized the urgency to limit population growth than men, limiting themselves to one or two children or a pet. It’s time for religion to crawl back into the cave it emerged from many moons ago and let science try to explain how the universe works rather than their silly myths from antiquity.