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Woman are more than Just Incubators !!

That is not to imply that they are not incubators. In fact they are very attractive incubators. Four million years of evolution has made them that way to keep our species viable. But they also have brains, brains every bit as good as a man’s.

Largely because of male centric gods, including the desert god of Abraham, women have been restricted to the role of being an incubator for a man, usually the possession of a single man to produce him children, preferably males, to carry on the family name. In the past and still in the present in some tribes, a woman can be traded to another man for a cow. The man can divorce his woman and take in a younger woman still at the peak of her child-bearing years. This practice has only been made more equitable in recent years. Older woman are often moved to a back room or out of the house and made to fend for themselves.

Recognizing that the sexual attraction that human females have is visual, some religions have attempted to stamp down that allure with laws or demands that the female attire herself in ways that hide her essence from the light of day. The worse of these efforts are made by the radical believers in Islam but radical believers in Judaism, Christianity and Mormonism are not far behind. The burka is outright frightening and some Islamists practice genital mutilation to remove any sexual drive a female might have to keep her under wraps.Some orthodox Jews put a sheet between their bodies with only a small hole cut to allow the male penis to enter the female.

That females are inclined to exhibit their charms is a given and their lure can be overwhelming, but it is also a given that they do not want to be attacked or groped. This was a lesson I learned early on when I began my career as an adult film maker, what is derisively called a pornographer. My models were more often that not refugees from the restraints of religion dogma that had taught them to be ashamed of their bodies. They were more than pleased to work for me using their bodies to tease or indulge in sex, sometimes extreme or painful, but only with their consent. If I attempted to impose myself upon them I was met with a quick and stern rebuff.

But over the last few centuries, woman have begun to free themselves from the role of just being incubators and are now showing themselves to be able leaders, philosophers, writers, musicians, actors and scientists. Many men, still living in a cave like a troglodyte, are having trouble accepting the fact that the old days of religious myth and its irrational constraints are not coming back. Get over it!!

Religion So Big It Must Fail

Religion has kept all people, but mostly women, chained to an albatross that denies them their basic freedom to just be a female. Even men who challenged these ideas that went against this church dogma could be severely punished. The Catholics might burn them at the stake and the Muslims even worse.

Childbirth was the responsibility of women, not just to keep the human species viable, but to keep the legacy of a man’s name in tact. Both Christians and Muslims have denied women opportunities to be educated and some have even used genital mutilation such as the removal of the clitoris to take away a females ability to enjoy sex.They had become little more than an incubator to grow a man’s child, preferably a boy. Just make babies and shut up. A female friend of mine dating a Muslim was told that the Koran says hitting a woman is OK as long as it doesn’t leave a mark the next day.

To be fair, for a long part of human history, when survival was always a challenge at best, it was necessary for a woman to bear as many children as possible. Death could come during childbirth or early in life because of disease. Age ended life as early as the mid 30’s. The mother herself would often die.

But, thanks to science, that is no longer the case and the argument to keep women chained and ignorant is no longer valid. Woman have come to recognize this and are staging a concerted effort to gain their freedom, whether it be an education, birth control by an abortion. And though religious men continue to treat women as though they are their personal possessions, women are having none of it.
In the early 70’s when I made what was pejoratively called pornography, the girls who performed weren’t coerced, but rather running away from the religion they were raised in, often Catholicism or Mormonism. Both my star in Mona and Flesh Gordon were from Mormon families. Jane Fonda subjected herself to the wrath of society when she protested the Vietnam war. Other women like a young Hillary Rodham delivered a strong condemnation of that war when she gave her commencement speech at Yale. Joan Baez did the same through folk music. Miley Cyrus refuses to be ashamed of her body or her love of sex. miley-cy

Women are still fighting for their freedom. In Arab countries the practice female mutilation still exists as shown in the picture above. In catholic countries like Poland draconian abortion laws have forced women to take the streets in protest.

In the current election taking place in the United States, thinly disguised hatred for Hillary Clinton expressed by Donald Trump and his surrogates, Rudy Juliani and Chris Christy is the height of hypocrisy. Each, has been divorced three times, Juliani even claiming that the church has forgiven his transgressions after he said three “hail Marys.”

Hillary has put her maternal instincts to the side and stayed with one man to raise their one child. Not to say that this is for everyone, but it doesn’t deserve to be ridiculed by self-centered ego maniacs. In a world beginning to teeter on the edge of oblivion, it seems more women have recognized the urgency to limit population growth than men, limiting themselves to one or two children or a pet. It’s time for religion to crawl back into the cave it emerged from many moons ago and let science try to explain how the universe works rather than their silly myths from antiquity.

Where was Mom?

Looking for an answer to why Hillary Clinton and females in general are so maligned in most of the world’s cultures seems to always lead me to religion. Yet men always look to mom when they get into trouble. So what’s going on here?

The religions I am most familiar with worship what writer/philosopher Richard Rodriguez calls the desert god; the god of Christians, Muslims and Jews.
The advocates of this desert god go beyond the fact that he created heaven and earth, light and dark, but also had surrogates like Jesus and Mohammed who existed in bodies that were beyond human. Jesus walked on water, a common mirage in the desert, and Mohammed rode his white steed up into the clouds, a claim made after his horse stumbled while trying to leap across a tall bush or wide gully.

Today both of those miracles would have been captured on an i phone which would have proven them false. Even the long lives of biblical characters like Noah, 920 years, fall apart when one realizes that time was measured in “moons” before it was understood that the earth took a year to revolve around the sun. !2 moons a year translate to Noah living to be 77 years old. This desert god seemed to have little respect for women. In the case of the Christians he sent his only son to be sacrificed without even having the decency to ask his wife if it was OK with her, in fact, he doesn’t even acknowledge having a wife. And only one son? Was he impotent or using birth control? And why was he so proud of having a son. Didn’t daughters mean anything to him. As far as women on earth were concerned this desert god said they were the property of men and could be sold and traded for a cow if need be.

The desert god was an ego maniac and a male: the Donald Trump of his day. When people pray they pray to “Our father who art in heaven.” Hallow is his name and must not be used in vain. Why not? Even though people like Pat Robertson tell us that the floods in New Orleans were because of a gay parade which god didn’t like he had no explanation what the people of Baton Rouge did to deserve his anger. Fact be, the desert god doesn’t show up when you need him.

Then he conveniently blames Eve for being weak and eating an apple off of some damn tree. Donald Trump falls back on this to call Hillary Clinton too weak to be a leader. Surprisingly, some of his most ardent supporters are women, mostly older, who grew up being told that they were only to make babies and serve their man. Many had an irrational fear of black men. It was common for me to hear porn models in 1970 tell me they don’t fuck “niggers or dogs.” The hatred for Hillary as espoused on Facebook is alarming. She’s no saint but no leader anywhere has been. George Bush lied and so did Kennedy and Nixon. Being a woman is held against her and women frighten men. Making porn movies taught me a lot about the sexes. Women were much more comfortable about their bodies and sex than men were. Hugging each other was not a problem. Men on the other hand boasted a lot but often struggled to get an erection. There is more than I can talk about in this brief post and for those who want to learn more they can read my memoir, TAKE YOUR SHAME AND SHOVE IT, available on Amazon.com. It is about my own struggle to climb from beneath the blanket of guilt and doubt that religion had placed me under.

Women around the world, thanks in large part to the internet, are now seeing that their sisters around the world are rebelling and question why they are second class humans. Young Muslim women are burning the hijab and removing the head scarf and insisting on the right to drive a car. I, like all men, have had many issues with girls and many have had issues with me, but I totally support their effort to free themselves from that ego maniac who is in heaven. Our world cannot hope to overcome its problems until this is done.

The ladies have had enough

go toplessLast Sunday, a large group of women protested at Venice Beach in Los Angeles against laws forbidding them to go topless on the beach. Being a Puritan country at heart, it shouldn’t be a surprise that in the early 30’s men were not allowed to go topless as well. It was only after Johnny Weissmuller in the role of Tarzan flaunted the censorial Hays commission and bared his chest that men began going topless on the beach. A few years later Clark Gable did the same. The ladies loved it but their mammary glands continued to be considered indecent and had to be hidden even when they are being used to nurse her baby.In the 50’s even burlesque queens had to cover their nipples with pasties.

What is hidden and mysterious causes wonder and American men in particular are fascinated by women’s breasts. Maybe its a latent memory back to infancy when they were weaned on breast milk, but millions of American men go bonkers when they see a woman’s breasts. Russ Meyer made a whole career around movies of big breasted women. I have had friends who would jump out of their seats if a woman with large breasts walked by the window while we sat at Starbucks having a coffee.

Truth be told, they are soft and pleasing to the touch on a young woman, but after they begin to sag from age they are not that appealing. Thanks to the bra, women can continue to use them as an attractive force to lure males who still have fantasies about what they can’t see, but going to the beach and being required to wear a bra that remains wet and uncomfortable after coming out of the water just seems stupid.

Women have begun to rebel against these stupid laws that are hangovers from the days of the Puritans. When European explores began to conquer the new worlds, one of the first things they did was make native women cover their breasts. This last Sunday at Los Angeles’s famous Venice Beach, a large group of women staged a topless protest. Police surrounded them in case a few barbarians in the crowd of on-lookers tried to touch the girls, but most people walked by giving the demonstration little more than a perfunctory glance.

It was no surprise, that the loudest and most obscene display against the girls came from religious fanatics still hanging on to the myth that Adam and Eve were cast out of the Garden of Eden because Eve ate a forbidden apple. From that time on breasts had to be covered. Are we insane or what? God and tits

The lies about sexual exploitation

Have you ever heard of the Happy Hooker, the best selling 1971 memoir by Xaveria Hollander. According to most voices in America, especially those from the religious right, a hooker can’t be happy, she is being sexually exploited. She would be much happier if she were married and baking cookies and having babies, something Hillary Clinton received much disdain for saying she wouldn’t do that when she first became First Lady. They say a woman’s role, if she wants to work, is sit at a desk in a receptionist’s office or to work for Roger Ailes and accept that part of the job is to quietly agree to his sexual advances. Other women work for free as cheerleaders for NFL teams but are denied jobs as coaches or referees although recently that has begun to change.

Women’s sexuality has been endowed to them by nature and it’s their right to exploit that valuable attribute if they choose. Unfortunately, in far too many cases, men, i.e. pimps, move in to take control and hoard most of the money. Not so in Holland which until recently had a flourishing red light district where a woman could sell her favors without a pimp lurking in the shadows. We don’t tell a male blessed with tremendous ability to catch or throw a ball or play a guitar that he would be better off working as an accountant, lawyer or ditch digger. If he is blessed with talent we offer him significant amounts of money to show off his blessing.

The idea that women who sell sex are being exploited is a myth. I have known countless women, including my wife, who enjoyed working as strippers or my girl friend who worked as a call girl while getting her law degree. I describe in my memoir #TakeYourShameAndShoveIt, many of the details of these encounters There are 14,000 women now working as cam girls. They choose their own hours and choices of what they want to do in their rooms. Most are exceptionally beautiful and many reveal in their chats how much they enjoy their work. Here is a connection to a Youtube video by an Amsterdam red light prostitute that will enlighten you.

Oddly enough, the most radical of religious zealots, describe how their suicide assassins will be rewarded with 80 female slaves to use as they wish in the after life. Meanwhile on earth these same zealots treat women with disdain and hatred, murdering them if they stray from the religious dogma. Go figure.

Anti Science Fraudster

Pence is perfect for Trump who denies global warming and the California drought. As a catholic Pence hates science as well and denies evolution. Without  scientific evidence he perpetuated the idea that Iraq was behind the Anthrax scare which was used as motivation for the multi trillion dollar war. They weren’t. It was an American. He is anti Planned Parenthood but (I must say much too his credit only had 3 children) how did he do that? Birth control according to the bible is a sin “go out and multiply”